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Renee Jones Schneider

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Renée Jones Schneider has been a multimedia photographer at the Star Tribune since 2003. 

Her long-term projects, shooting both video and stills, include stories examining why so few rape and sexual assault victims in Minnesota get justice, farming deaths, radicalization, the decline of honeybees and Minnesota's broken special education system. She was named Journalist of the Year in 2016 in the Society of Professional Journalist Minnesota Chapter. Renée was born in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Minnesota with her parents as a child. She attended from St. Olaf College with a major in studio art. She lives in Savage, Minn., with her husband and four children.
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A crew of helpers together pulled on straps and pushed from below to bring the sculpture upright on the base.

MLK remembrance celebrations

MLK remembrance celebrations around the metro and nation on January 18, 2021
Jim Watkins dashed across the snow on Wayzata Bay on Lake Minnetonka during a Snowkiting race.

Snowkiting racingin Wayzata

The Wayzata Yacht Club hosted Snowkiting racing Sunday, January 17, 2021. The racing continues Sundays the rest of January and February.
Hamza Dirie, 9, a fourth grader, held a sign out his father’s truck’s window calling to empower school teachers during Tuesday night’s rally. �

Educators rally to delay reopening

The St. Paul Federation of Educators gathered educators, parents and community members for a car rally Tuesday outside the St. Paul Public Schools district office to call on the district to delay reopening until educators can be vaccinated, community transmission declines and they can communicate safety plans to families.
Sisters Cece, 7, and Maddie Pierce, 13, and sisters Clara, 10, and Olivia Plumstead make a daily newspaper that they distribute through their neighbor

Stuck at home, Twin Cities kids publish their own neighborhood newspapers

No matter their angle or aesthetic, these newspapers are a source of community camaraderie.
Deonte Haynes hugged his daughter, Jalei, 5, in early December at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where he was leaving to return to Fort H

Tensions with Iran add to strain for 'Army man' and his family

U.S. airstrike killing general and Iranian retaliation ramp up the stress of Minnesota National Guard deployment.

Aussie Peppers of Minnesota

The Australian national women's fastpitch softball team is spending a few months in Mankato as it makes a bid for the 2020 Olympics.

Bikini vs. snowman: Two spring scenes a year apart

These photos taken at Lake Nokomis were shot nearly one year, and 68 degrees apart. Move the slider in the middle of the image to see the differences between these two scenes.

The Vanishing Prairie: A closer look

As this dry summer draws to a close, the prairie seems a monochromatic brown. But look closer and its secrets are revealed …
Sandra White put her hand on her hip as she turned toward a crowd boo-ing her as she sang in the Worlds Worst Irish Tenor contest Wednesday at Mancini

Everybody's Irish

For the past 47 years, the musically challenged have been given their chance to shine.
Four-year-old Jonny peered into a bucket attached to a sugar maple to collect syrup. He along with his family were on a walk with volunteer John Probs

Dreaming of Waffles?

If it's March, it's maple syrup time at Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove.
Georgio Harris leaped into the water during swimming time at YMCA Camp Ihduhapi.

Jump in the lake? OK

Lots of emotion comes with a youngster's first trip to overnight camp: excitement, yes, but nerves and homesickness, too. "Summer Samplers" offer kids a chance to ease in for three nights, rather than a full week, at YMCA Camp Ihduhapi on Lake Independence.