The latest from director David Fincher, 'Mank' requires some cinematic homework 

November 20
Gary Oldman as screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz in “Mank.” Netflix
David Fincher salutes "Citizen Kane" by exploring its origins.
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7 movies with the best debut performances ever, from Alan Rickman to Lupita Nyong'o

November 18
Barbra Streisand debuted in the 1968 movie classic “Funny Girl.”
These actors dazzled us right out of the gate in some of the best first-time performances of all time.
Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart star in “Happiest Season.”

Review: With 'Happiest Season,' gay community gets its own phony holiday comedy

Kristen Stewart stars in a comedy that's no holiday.
Paul Bettany and Sophia Lillis star in “Uncle Frank.”

'Uncle Frank' is a Southern-set comedy and drama about coming out in the '70s

Alan Ball's comedy/drama owes a debt to Tennessee Williams.
The Croods, left, meet the Bettermans, right, in DreamWorks Animation’s “The Croods: A New Age.”

'Croods' sequel is a sweet, funny slice of cavepeople life

Family-friendly "Croods" sequel finds caveman-level laughs in prehistory.
November 23
Kevin Smith and Jason Mews of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame at a previous pop-up installment of Mooby's.

Kevin Smith's pop-up restaurant Mooby's to open in First Ave's Depot Tavern

The fictional fast-food joint from Smith's "Clerks" movies will sell takeout only Dec. 12-18.
November 23
Deborah Coleman / Pixar Bloomington native Pete Docter has been at the helm of most Pixar releases. His latest, "Soul," will premiere on Disney Plus.

Minnesotan behind 'Toy Story' and 'Up' on his latest Pixar movie 'Soul'

The latest from Pixar is another chapter in the life of Bloomington's own Pete Docter
November 12
300 dpi 2 col. x 3.25 inches/108x83 mm/368x281 pixels Kurt Strazdins color illustration of a box of movie popcorn set in a mound of popcorn. KRT 2001
Movie reviews Latest movie reviews are just a click away
updated 21 hours 44 mins. ago
From the biggest box-office blockbuster to the smallest arthouse film, we have reviews for every movie playing in the Twin Cities.
November 11
Paul Bettany and Nicole Kidman in “Dogville”

From showgirl to killer, 7 of Nicole Kidman's best roles streaming now

Nicole Kidman never looks away from the weird and the surprising.
November 11
Josh Duhamel, left, with Nick Swardson (over his shoulder) co-wrote and directed “Buddy Games.” (Saban Films)

Wild, raunchy 'Buddy Games' movie to premiere in Plymouth with stars Josh Duhamel and Nick Swardson

Two stars will premiere their raucous comedy at the Plymouth multiplex.
November 6
Diane Lane stars (and helped convince Kevin Costner to appear with her) in “Let Him Go.”

Diane Lane hopes 'Let Him Go' movie captures book the way readers envisioned it

Actor Diane Lane is a mother in "Let Him Go," the film version of a Minneapolis-published novel.
November 6
Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in “Let Him Go."

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner reteam for gripping family drama 'Let Him Go' 

A tense battle for custody plays out in this character-driven drama.
November 4
Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in “Seven.”

7 best movies starring the great, versatile Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman advanced from pimp to Supreme Being, with judges in between.
October 29
Pedro Pascal, as Din Djarin, right, and Baby Yoda in "The Mandalorian." Disney+

Baby Yoda returns for Halloween: Best things to watch this week

Our weekly picks to lift your spirits and expand your playlist.
October 29
Gillian Jacobs and Azhy Robertson in “Come Play.” Jasper Savage / Amblin Partners / Focus Features

In new Halloween movie 'Come Play,' you can never escape your own online profile

Halloween film works better as family drama than horror.
October 28
Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames and the last remaining survivors drive out of their mall fortress in makeshift armored vehicles in the zombie action thrille

7 movie remakes that are better than the originals

A solid story is key to a good remake, as is a storyteller with a point of view.
October 26
Madison Iseman and Fin Argus in "Clouds." Argus used Zach Sobiech's actual crutches in the film.

How Hollywood turned a young Minnesotan's life into a Disney movie with 'Clouds'

The movie version of Zach Sobiech's life borrows true details as well as items from his bedroom.
October 22
Johnny Flynn portrays the pre-Ziggy David Bowie in "Stardust," which also stars Marc Maron.

Sound Unseen festival unveils virtual 2020 lineup with Bee Gees, Bowie films

The 21st annual film fest for musicheads takes place Nov. 11-15.
October 22
“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Borat 2: Sacha Baron Cohen is back to mess with your head — and heart

Cohen's ribald sequel surveys the state of the nation.
October 22
The Frances McDormand-led drama “Nomadland” has garnered significant awards buzz.

Twin Cities Film Festival kicks off with a mix of offerings

Some of the Twin Cities Film Fest's movies are on the big screen, some at home.
October 21
Jamie Lee Curtis in a scene from the 1978 horror film classic, “Halloween,” directed by John Carpenter.

Just in time for Halloween, stream the 7 scariest movies ever made

It's impossible to name the seven scariest movies, but we took a stab (or a slash?) at it.
October 15
“Once Upon a Time in Venezuela,” part of MSP Film Society’s Cine Latino Film Festival. Film Society

David Byrne's 'Utopia': Best things to watch, hear or read this week

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