May 10
FILE - This Feb. 14, 2013, file photo, shows a Honda logo on the trunk of a Honda automobile at the Pittsburgh Auto Show, in Pittsburgh. The U.S. gove

US opens probe of steering problems in Honda Accord sedans

The U.S. government's auto safety agency is investigating multiple complaints about steering failures that could affect more than 1.1 million Honda Accord sedans.
May 6

NASCAR returns to roots with sleek new pony cars for 2022

Chase Elliott, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin drove their sporty new pony cars through the smoke and lights of the fog machines NASCAR used for its first fancy presentation in more than a year.
May 5

Edmunds: The top off-road vehicles for 2021

It's no surprise that trucks and SUVs continue to dominate the U.S. vehicle market. But in a further move, automakers are increasingly building more SUVs and trucks that are specifically designed for off-road driving. With special enhancements to improve traction, ground clearance and even visibility, these vehicles can climb over rocks or blast over sand dunes that would leave regular trucks or SUVs stuck, stranded or possibly broken.
May 4

Chicago Auto Show to return in July after coronavirus hiatus

Standing in the massive convention center that was turned into a COVID-19 field hospital almost a year ago, Chicago's mayor and the Illinois governor on Tuesday announced that the facility will again host the famed Chicago Auto Show in July.
April 30

Motormouth: Don't postpone the switch to summer gas

Q: I understand that the composition of gasoline is adjusted seasonally ("summer blend" and "winter blend") due to EPA requirements. Given that many people are…
April 27

Auto group backs guidelines for partially automated vehicles

The trade association representing most major automakers is offering guidelines for manufacturers to advertise partially automated driving systems and to make sure drivers are paying attention while using them.
April 23
The inventory of new vehicles at dealerships in March was down more than a third from a year earlier, according to Edmunds.

Car bargains are getting harder to find

Stocks of new vehicles are down, and that means prices are up.