Feds seize in Minneapolis nearly 2,500 'unsafe' tire rims imported from Asia

The seizure was made this week at an undisclosed warehouse.
October 16

Motor Mouth: Old STP is good for collectors but not cars

Q: I found six cans of STP in my garage that are so old the cans are rusted. Can I use them? If not, how…
October 16
Camper Van Summer Trip. Scenic Norway Landscape and the Recreational Vehicle.

RVs are becoming portable offices

Desks and Wi-Fi are the new high-demand accessories.
October 14

'Driving While Black' shows history of US Black motorists

A new film examines the history of African Americans driving on the road from the Great Depression to the height of the Civil Rights movement.
October 14

Edmunds: Car value myths, busted

You've probably heard over the years a number of tips or myths regarding the value of your car. They might involve how quickly a new…
October 13

Used vehicle prices up as supply sinks, but relief is coming

It cost a whole lot more to buy a used SUV, car, truck or van last month than it did before the coronavirus hit, and that almost singlehandedly caused September's modest consumer price increase.
October 9

Motor Mouth: Is it time to shift to a car with an automatic?

Q: With just over 39,000 miles on my Honda, the clutch went out. Replacing it is going to cost us $1,700. It is not part…