Bryan Piatt met end-of-life grief therapist Kelly Grosklags while working at KARE-11. Together, they created “Dying Is Not Giving Up,” a 35-minute

Duo teams up to give patients time, tools and tenderness to talk about death

A powerful thing that came out of their time together was an educational film for medical providers on how to have difficult end-of-life conversations.
Alejandra Aschittino-Rodriguez’s brush with death as a teenager propelled her into the mental health field.

University of Minnesota graduate shifts therapy focus to less discussed mental health issue of job loss

June 11
Therapist helps jobless clients preserve sense of identity, stay optimistic.
Jonathan Wong works in human rights and board chair of Jugaad leadership program for minority community.
St. Cloud

Inspired Conversations on Race & Equity: St. Cloud's Jonathan Wong

June 11
Instead of moving to a more diverse city as many St. Cloud State graduates seem to do, Wong put down roots.
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6 grateful Minnesota graduates thank the special person (or pet) who helped them

June 5
In their own words, six grateful high school grads pay homage to the special person (or pet) who guided them through COVID-19 and got them to the finish line.
Kelvin Odartei Cruickshank, 19, tools around his hometown of Accra, Ghana, in what looks like a ramshackle DeLorean. It took three years to build. The

Man takes junkyard scraps, transforms them into new cars

May 28
Shipping containers, boats, even old fridges become transportation.
Sarah Studley, 39, at her first coronavirus vaccination appointment at the M&T Bank Stadium vaccination site on April 11, wearing her unused wedding r

She didn't get to wear her wedding dress because of the pandemic. So she put it on to get her vaccine

May 28
D.C. bride's reception was canceled, so she wore her gown to get her vaccine.

Mendota Heights couple head to Nepal, giving back to the country where they met

May 28
Mendota Heights couple celebrate anniversary with a service project in Nepal — giving back to the country where they met.

Hennepin County places 700th formerly homeless person in permanent housing

May 28
It's a welcome story amid homelessness and housing insecurity, which can feel intractable — too big and complex to get our collective heads around.