A Russian launch destined for the International Space Station last week. Reports in Washington suggest that Russia is separately developing a space-ba

Hints of a Russian space-based nuclear weapon: This era's Sputnik moment?

The suspected anti-satellite capability is not operational, but if it's coming, the U.S. cannot be slow to respond. Four strategies.

Simplifying FAFSA? Not so fast.

February 20
Once again, the federal student aid program is falling short of implementing changes.

Minnesota's School Trust lands help fund public education. Climate change is a challenge to that.

February 20
Management adjustments are needed. Tribal schools also deserve their due.

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Lee Parsons
February 20
iStockphoto.com MINNEAPOLIS/USA - July 23: Entrance to the campus of the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota is a university in Minne

Counterpoint: As you follow the University of Minnesota's search for a new president …

… it may help to understand the panoply of people that leader will oversee.
Adelle Waldman
February 20
A Starbucks in New York. “It’s not just Walmart,” writes Adelle Waldman. “Target, TJX Companies, Kohl’s and Starbucks all describe their med

Part-time work has become a trap

It's not just wages. Retailers are mistreating workers in a more insidious way, with unpredictability.
Rachel Kadish
February 19
"In the best literature, characters are so vivid, complicated, contradictory and even maddening that we’ll follow them far from our own preconceptio

'Write down a phrase you find abhorrent …'

The unflinching empathy I learned as a novelist is what the world needs.
Joseph Tilli
February 19
"Friendship is one of those puzzling nuances of human nature consuming philosophers, sages, academics all the way back to the ancients," the writer sa

What ancient wisdom and social science say about friends

How many? What kind? For lonely Minnesotans, these are things that may be good to know.
Beth Kowitt
February 19
The scene of a mass shooting that killed six people at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Va., in 2022. A Walmart employee opened fire in the break room of the

Big business wishes mass shootings weren't its problem

Companies have dialed back on talk about any subject they perceive as controversial, but the data show why they shouldn't avoid this one.
Kristen Hutchison
February 19
Red, white, and blue vote buttons.

Can constituents feel heard when not speaking with their wallets?

In my recent experience, the "participatory" part of democracy is not getting the reception it should.
David Lebedoff
February 19
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny speaks to the media prior to a court session in Moscow on Aug. 22, 2019. Navalny, the fiercest foe of Russian

We all must be like Alexei Navalny was

His example of embracing truth — self-evident truth — is badly needed.
Laura Zabel
February 18
The view from the hill overlooking the Lake Harriet Bandshell Tuesday night.

Minneapolis Park Board must stop exploiting artists

Not paying for performances is unethical. The city should set a better example.
Marc Gorelick
February 18
A firefighter waited outside an ambulance near Union Station after several people were shot near a rally there during the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bo

We have 90 days to make Minnesota safer for kids

Three steps the 2024 Legislature can take regarding guns.
the Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Times
February 18
Former film producer Harvey Weinstein, shown in court in Los Angeles, Calif., on Oct. 4, 2022.

How Harvard dissed the Bill of Rights

Dean's legal work on behalf of Harvey Weinstein caused an uproar, and college buckled instead of educating.
Mark Thompson and Stefanie Gefroh
February 18
Essentia Health's hospital in Fosston is permanently ending the scheduling of baby deliveries, joining with more than 20 other small Minnesota hospita

Counterpoint: Why Essentia is adjusting baby delivery services in northwestern Minnesota

If the circumstances were different, our preference would be to deliver babies in Fosston.
the Editorial Board at Bloomberg Opinion
February 18
Asylum seekers wait for appointments through the CBP One app to apply for asylum in the United States in a shelter for migrants, Saturday, Feb. 3, 202

Biden can still make border progress

Trump-led Republicans showed their lack of interest in governing, but the president shouldn't give up on immigration reforms.
Serena M. King
February 17
California fans place bets in Reno, Nev., where the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino reported a 10 percent jump in visitors as a result of the San Franc

Sports betting in Minnesota: Are we ready?

Here's context as the discussion about joining the 38 other states that have legalized it ramps up at the Legislature.
Paula Chesley
February 16
Saying it's a matter of gender equity and freedom of expression, topless demonstrators gathered at Gold Medal Park Sunday August 23, 2015 in Minneapol

Toplessness laws: Still around, still unjust — and getting complicated

Trans and intersex people might have breast shapes that do not correspond to their perceived gender.
John Rash
February 16
Ukrainian emergency employees and police officers evacuate injured pregnant woman Iryna Kalinina, 32, from a maternity hospital that was damaged by a

Film shows what doing 'whatever the hell they want' looks like

Oscar-nominated documentary "20 Days in Mariupol" depicts the results of an unrestrained Russia and Vladimir Putin.
Cynthia M. Allen
February 16
For the second year in a row, a religious Super Bowl ad campaign promised viewers that Jesus “gets us.” Two commercials shown Sunday night centere

How that foot-washing 'He Gets Us' commercial won the Super Bowl

(While generating controversy on both sides of the ideological spectrum.)
Art Rolnick
February 15
The U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024.

The economy: Why we should not be surprised by a soft landing

The Fed has overcome the idea that inflation-fighting always takes a toll. Transparency was one of its tools.
Anna Hall and Alicia Granse
February 15
A gavel rests on its sounding block with a several law books and a justice scale out of focus in the background.

The problems with Minnesota's pretrial risk assessment

State should focus on needs, not risk, of people charged with crimes.
Ted Kolderie
February 15
Students made their way through an upper level hallway at the end of the school day Tuesday. ] (AARON LAVINSKY/STAR TRIBUNE) aaron.lavinsky@startribun

Counterpoint: Delving more deeply into 'bold initiative' No. 1 …

A commentary of outside-the-box thinking for the Minnesota Legislature and governor talked about a school system like Finland's. Here's what I saw in that country and what really works about it.
Brian Clancy
February 15
The busts of Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.

George Washington knew how he wanted to act. Do we?

His "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation," written when he was 16, remain relevant.
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