Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has announced a relief package to help low-income families. But the aid requires that a child is enrolled in Minneapolis

Minneapolis aid leaves out charter school families

The current emergency relief package requires certain qualifications, including that one child is enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Here's why I'm challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar in the DFL primary

April 6
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., speaks before introducing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., at a campaign rally in Springfield, Va., in February.
Minnesota's Fifth District deserves to have someone who works for us.

What the $2 trillion coronavirus bailout is really going to cost

April 6
The Treasury Department in Washington. Treasury bonds are typically where investors go for safety.
Not higher taxes, or even inflation. Rather, an eventual loss of legitimacy.
April 6

As misinformation abounds, networks should turn off Trump

The networks are giving him a stage for buffoonery.
Gabriel Leung
April 6
A sign hangs above a storefront in New York that was shuttered because of social-distancing efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The metric needed to reopen the economy

We need to hit and release the brakes again and again until we get to immunity. That should be guided by the virus's real-time, effective reproduction number, and we can estimate it even if we lack sufficient testing.
April 3

In midst of pandemic, nation is getting a lesson in digital inequality

Even before schools closed, millions of kids had access problems.
V.V. Chari and Christopher Phelan
April 3
Testing seemingly healthy individuals would be the best way to get a handle on how widespread the virus is, the writers say.

Test the healthy and gather data we don't already have

If we assume the sick have COVID-19 we can create a sustainable quarantine plan.
John Rash
April 3
Kremlin-aligned websites aimed at Western audiences have trafficked in conspiracy theories to spread fear in Europe and political division in the Unit

Rash Report: A pandemic and 'infodemic' imperil the world

Disinformation and misinformation make the coronavirus response even more difficult.
April 3
Researcher Lee Munnich in 2003.

Telework's moment of true arrival is bound to make ripples in Minnesota

The change we've been forced to make is likely to stick to some degree. And that has implications for Minnesota road funding.
April 3
A summer street scene at Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis. “New Urbanist” types might approve of the pedestrians, but not the cars. T

Katherine Kersten: Density in a time of coronavirus

Do you trust your "New Urbanist" overlords?
Bob Collins
April 3
The interior of an empty Target Field on Thursday, an hour before this season’s home opener would have begun.

Baseball in absentia: The waiting is the hardest part

Waiting for the game to be on again. But even when it is, waiting for a World Series win.
Joo Hee Pomplun and Margaret Kaplan
April 3
This rendering shows one of the earlier plans for the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant site in Arden Hills.

Counterpoint: Arden Hills leaders must embrace affordable housing plans

Its leaders claim the county surprised them with requirements for the TCAAP property, but that's shirking responsibility.
Doug Chapin and Lawrence Jacobs
April 3
Coronavirus has knocked presidential primaries back weeks as officials worry about voters crowding into polling places. Voting by mail would be a safe

Conducting a safe national election during a pandemic will be difficult

But it must be done, and our election officials should be allowed to approach this using whatever resources are available.
Michael Waters
April 3
A Facebook livestream recorded a church funeral March 19 for families and friends unable to attend because of the coronavirus outbreak. John O’Rourk

The surprising intimacy of the livestreamed funeral

Because of the coronavirus, memorial services are moving online, where mourners find that collective grief is still possible.
Dave Hage
April 3
Amid the pandemic, people’s responses differ. This south Minneapolis household provided a table of food that people might need as grocery stores str

Albert Camus helps us understand our responses during this crisis

In his short novel "The Plague," his characters have their courage and moral principles tested, much like we're experiencing now.
Jonah Goldberg
April 3
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., at a news conference Feb. 5 following the Senate’s final vote in President Donald Trump’s impe

Impeachment isn't a valid excuse for slow coronavirus response

McConnell says it is; Trump says he wouldn't have acted any differently. And I say Trump is not the victim here.
Harry Litman
April 3
The Justice Department building in Washington.

Justice Department memo makes it too easy to link coronavirus to terrorism

We should confine terrorism crimes to offenses involving violence and intimidation against a large body of civilians in pursuit of political aims.
April 2
U.S. House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Pelosi couldn't help herself from playing politics on COVID-19

She could have disagreed on policy, but instead she ripped the president.
David Lebedoff
April 2
Vast swarms of grasshoppers infested Minnesota in 1873 and continued their devouring with little or no letup each summer until 1877.

Minnesota's great plague of locusts was ended, seemingly, by prayer

The past can help us speculate what impact this pandemic will have on our future.
Erika Scheurer
April 2
Take a lesson from Emily Dickinson, the writer says, and use this time to understand what is most important to you.

A lesson in self-isolation from Emily Dickinson

She chose her quarantine, but she found freedom to live, observe and create.
Baynard Woods
April 2
“My case was ‘mild,’ Baynard Woods writes, “but I was as sick as I had ever been, and I couldn’t have moved much had I wanted to. I spent mo

I didn't have a quarantine plan when I fell ill. Trust me: You'll want one.

My wife and I weren't really prepared, but at least our circumstances were workable.
Paul Krugman
April 2
Members of the U.S. House walked down the steps of Capitol Hill on March 27 after passing a coronavirus rescue package.

Notes on the economic coronacoma

This is not a conventional recession. So, where to direct resources? How do we pay for relief? Will there be a debt hangover?
Marshall H. Tanick
April 1
Lawsuits have been threatened on both the left and the right surrounding the coronavirus.

Lawsuits on both sides of political spectrum add to pandemic damage

Freedom of speech is threatened by left and right.
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