A medical technologist prepares specimens for the analyzer during COVID-19 testing in the lab at Memorial Regional South in Hollywood in May.

COVID-19: Just stop the superspreading

In our study, 20% of cases accounted for 80% of transmissions.

George Floyd's death is a failure of generations of leadership

Demonstrators gather to protest the death of George Floyd on June 2 near the White House in Washington.
Policymakers in the 1960s had the answers — give political and economic power to the people — but walked away.

We've struggled to explain our troubled world to our sons

June 2
Hundreds of people marched in “No Bail” 10K March that started at U.S. Bank and ended closing the 35W bridge in both directions on May 31.
We're sharing the letter of hope my wife has written.
Hank Shea
June 2
Former First Lady Michelle Obama knows how partnerships work, and would help Joe Biden seek genuine reform.

A democracy in crisis needs Michelle Obama

If she joined the ticket as former Vice President Joe Biden's running mate, our broken land might mend.
June 2

The message America doesn't need

The violence and rioting that has America on edge must not be condoned, but Trump isn't helping.
Linda Hirshman
June 2
Fires burned along Lake Street after a night of unrest and protests in the death of George Floyd early Friday, May 29 in Minneapolis.

Police unions, armed protesters and the abandonment of the social contract

Minnesota and Michigan show that we are living in a Hobbesian state of nature.
Brandon del Pozo
June 2
A man and child stopped to look at the names of people who activists say died as a result of racial injustice Tuesday morning on Chicago Avenue in sou

Justice is about more than the killing of George Floyd

Police must take collective responsibility for the failings within their ranks.
Ross Douthat
June 2
The Minneapolis skyline overlooks the remains of Auto Zone, which was burned down the night of May 26 during unrest in south Minneapolis.

Crisis in the liberal city: The formula fails

The George Floyd protests expose the fault lines in metropolitan America.
Robert Maranto
June 1
Protesters and police face each other during a rally against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 26.

We can't ignore progress made with police violence

If we do, we won't be able to identify what works to keep moving forward.
Sandra Larson
June 1
Minneapolis police have a huge presence outside the Fifth Precinct on May 30.

Too much violence, too little accountability for both police and society

Fifty years ago I served on a police planning division for Minnesota. Fifty years and the issues haven't changed.
Opinion Exchange
June 1

Nation needs a day of mourning as pandemic's toll mounts

Americans have always found solace in the ritual of remembrance.
Leah Kadwell
June 1
Minnesotans gather May 28 in a third day of protests following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Behold the desperation of the oppressed

They want to be heard, seen and understood and often are clinging to whatever shred of hope they have for survival.
Francis Wilkinson
June 1
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announces a 9 PM curfew as protests continue for a second day over the death of George Floyd, Saturday, May 30, 202

As Trump sinks ever lower, black and female leaders rise

Who is it speaking words of reassurance, restraint in crisis? America's "other" leaders.
Opinion Exchange
May 29

Nation needs a day of mourning as pandemic's toll mounts

Americans have always found solace in the ritual of remembrance.
Marshall H. Tanick
May 29
During a press conference, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced criminal charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin,wh

Does Derek Chauvin have a chance at a fair trial?

Intense reactions to the death of George Floyd may have created the kind of prejudicial atmosphere that has biased other cases.
the Hospitality Minnesota board of directors
May 29
Restaurants are doing their best to survive on take-out and delivery, but some won’t make it. Above, owner Jennifer King watched for customers at Pr

Please give Minnesota restaurants a chance to survive

If Gov. Tim Walz doesn't allow indoor dining soon, many beloved restaurants will close their doors for good.
Opinion Exchange
May 29

Focus on public health, not political conventions

Polarized debate over the coronavirus is dangerous.
May 29
Higher education, like the University of Minnesota, faces a budget crisis amid the pandemic.

Minnesota's higher education is facing a crisis

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual way of rebalancing budgets will put our colleges and universities at risk.
May 29
This image from the Twitter account of President Donald Trump shows a tweet he posted on Friday, May 29, 2020, after protesters in Minneapolis torched

Twitter, Trump and the search for truth collide

After the social media site fact-checks him, the president signs an executive order that targets social media, but his tweets may ultimately become the target, too.
Richard Greelis
May 29
A person meditates near the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct on May 28, the third day of protests over the Monday death of George Floyd in Minneapoli

Most cops don't kill, most protesters don't loot

Let's get things straight. Most of us want justice, and stereotypes don't help.
Richard Bahr
May 29
Artists complete a mural of George Floyd outside of Cup Foods on May 28 in Minneapolis.

George Floyd was a friend with a big heart and love of God

His legacy will live on, not through violence, but peace and understanding.
John Kass
May 29
Dec. 9, 2015: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke during a special City Council meeting to address a crisis over possible police misconduct. During the s

Chicago's lesson for Minneapolis

It involves the police shooting of Laquan McDonald, and the corrupt politics that came after his death.
Will Bunch
May 29
Law enforcement officers amassed early Friday to protect nearby firefighters as a blaze burned along Lake Street, near the Minneapolis Police Departme

Is America's 911 call enough to change our country's racism?

Democracy is supposed to fix this, but in Minneapolis the drumbeat of the police baton has continued unhindered whether the people there elect Republicans or Democrats.
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