Farmers in Mapleton, Minn. harvest hemp for the first time in 1943.

What was Minnesota's role in hemp production during World War II?

The controversial crop was at the center of a short-lived program during WWII.
Erna Zahn, right, visiting Mount Rushmore with a friend in July 1934. George Washington’s head was the only completed portion of the monument.
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Who is the oldest living person in Minnesota?

April 9
The oldest Minnesotan, a supercentenarian, is also one of the oldest living people in the United States.
A double-decker streetcar operates in Excelsior in the early 1900s. These special cars were only run for several years.
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Where did suburban streetcar lines run and why were they removed?

April 2
The expansive Twin Cities streetcar network once reached from Lake Minnetonka to Stillwater.
People walk across the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park.
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Listen: Does the Mississippi River really begin at Lake Itasca?

April 5
Host Eric Roper digs into the science and history behind the Mighty Mississippi's headwaters.
The origin countries of Minnesota’s foreign-born population has changed significantly in the last three decades.
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What are the top five immigrant groups in Minnesota?

March 26
The origin countries of Minnesota's foreign-born population has changed significantly in the last three decades.
The Minneapolis skyline was locked in an hazy shroud in February 2021, as seen from the Stone Arch Bridge.
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Is Minnesota cloudier in winter, or does it just seem that way?

March 19
Just last year, Minnesota recorded its gloomiest January in 57 years, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.
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November 19, 2020
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What's the best place, time to see the northern lights in Minnesota?

March 17
Although the lights can be seen any time of year, spring and fall, especially September and March, are the best chances to see the northern lights in Minnesota.
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How safe is it, really, to walk on Minnesota's iced-over lakes?

March 12
"The standard answer is, really, ice is never 100% safe," said a DNR recreation safety coordinator. And early- and late-season ice is the most unpredictable.