Patrons left Surly on Saturday, August 1, 2015. ] Aaron Lavinsky ¥ Restaurant review: Surly Brewing's casual beer hall

How many Minn. breweries existed before the microbrewery boom?

The state's history of beermaking is filled with milestones, but now brewers face an uncertain future.
November 4, 1954 Campaign posters were produced by Family and Friends Coya works with Alice Lindquist, secretary, and Andy Marty Nordstrom, Minneapoli
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Why was the career of Minnesota's first congresswoman cut short?

May 15
The state's first U.S. congresswoman took office in 1955, holding the seat for four years before a scandal disrupted her career trajectory.
These early Twins bobbleheads mistakenly called the team the Minneapolis Twins. Team owner Calvin Griffith —a legendary penny-pincher — had a secr
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Why are Minnesota's pro teams named after the state, not a city?

May 8
While most pro teams are named after the cities they are based in, each of Minnesota's six teams uses the state name — the Twins, Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves, Lynx and United. Blame the Twin Cities.
Big Ole, a 50-year-old wood and fiberglass viking sculpture needs $24,500 in repairs. He has a family of birds nesting in his shoulder, his cape may c
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Where does 'uff da' come from, and why do Minnesotans say it?

May 1
It's the most common of peculiar Minnesotan phrases. Some of us can't stop saying it. Many of us have no idea where it came from.
Drivers make their way through the construction zone on Hwy. 169 near Hwy. 41 south of Shakopee where MnDOT and Scott County are constructing a new in
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With far less traffic, why can't MnDOT make road projects go 24/7?

April 29
Traffic has dropped by 50 percent or more since the coronavirus shut down schools and many businesses, and that has many wondering why the state Department of Transportation isn't speeding up road construction.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop at Mapps Coffee Shop in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis on Supe
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Why is Minnesota more liberal than its neighboring states?

April 17
The answer is a mix of history, culture and shifting demographics.
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February 13
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
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How do organics get recycled in Minnesota — and how good are we at it?

May 29
Residents can now recycle food scraps at the curb in more than 40 cities, either in an organics bin or special bags tossed in the trash.
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Listen: Why do so many Fortune 500 companies call Minnesota home?

May 20
Minnesota has more than its fair share of big companies that got started here with next to nothing — in a Minneapolis garage (Medtronic), a Roseau metalworking job shop (Polaris) and a stereo components store in St. Paul (Best Buy).