A copy of a photograph of Taoyateduta, also known as "Little Crow," chief of the Mdewakanton Dakota, on display at the Brown County Historical Society

What roles did Minnesota's Native American chiefs play? And who were some notable ones?

There are many misconceptions about these leaders, who sometimes had a fragile hold on power.
Minnesotans tailgated in Naples, Fla. in 1990.
Curious Minnesota

What's the story behind the Minnesota communities in Arizona and Florida?

February 16
Even far away from their home state, Minnesotans often find each other.
A crowd of St. Olaf College supporters cheered during a football game against Carleton College in October 2023.
Curious Minnesota

How did Northfield become home to St. Olaf and Carleton colleges?

February 9
The prominent private schools have given the town an outsized stature.
A deformed frog with two extra hind legs is shown in this photo from the mid-1990s.
Curious Minnesota

What caused the 'horrific' deformities of Minnesota frogs in the 1990s?

February 2
The discovery by Minnesota middle schoolers became national news, leading to similar finds elsewhere in the country.
Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?
Curious Minnesota

Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

June 9, 2021
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
A biker rides near the Rally Center at Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area in 2017. Former mines in that area are among the deepest lakes in the stat
Curious Minnesota

Listen: What is Minnesota's deepest lake?

February 1
The Curious Minnesota podcast discusses how humans created many of the state's deepest water bodies.
Scotch Blue painter's tape was set into boxes at the 3M's Hutchinson Plant in August 2022.
Curious Minnesota

What Minnesota inventions have shaped modern life?

January 27
Many know the story of the pacemaker and Post-it notes. But creative Minnesotans have devised hundreds of other products we take for granted.
Curious Minnesota

Did union rules prevent Leonard Bernstein from joining the Minnesota Orchestra?

January 19
The "West Side Story" composer's career might have unfolded very differently had he worked with his mentor in Minneapolis.
Curious Minnesota

Listen: How did Minnesota become the nation's top turkey state?

January 18
The Curious Minnesota podcast discusses how a turkey turnaround a century ago made Minnesota birds a Thanksgiving staple around the country.

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