A retiree watches his golf shot at a Chaska driving range in 2013.

What are the financial pros and cons of retiring in Minnesota?

The state has higher taxes. But it is also important to look at the "whole picture."
Students in a shoemaking class in Faribault posed for a photo in the 1890s. This photograph was likely taken at the school for the deaf.
Curious Minnesota

How did Faribault become home to Minnesota's deaf and blind academies?

April 5
These southeast Minnesota institutions date back to the earliest days of statehood.
Introducing the Curious Minnesota Collection. Every question we've answered — now in one place
Curious Minnesota

Introducing the Curious Minnesota Collection. Every question we've answered — now in one place

March 8
Our new searchable database is home to more than 260 stories about Minnesota history and culture, all inspired by reader questions.
Mel Peterson delivers mail along his route on a snowy afternoon in Minneapolis in 2018.
Curious Minnesota

Why is my mail addressed to a city where I don't live?

March 29
The city in official mailing addresses can be different from the actual destination.
The first version of the Aerial Lift Bridge featured a gondola that transported passengers and vehicles.
Curious Minnesota

What's the story behind Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge?

March 22
The largest mechanical bridge in Minnesota once operated very differently than it does today.
The Nerf ball was invented by a Minnesotan. It debuted in 1970.
Curious Minnesota

Skid-steers, Softsoap and Nerf: 8 more Minnesota inventions that changed the world

March 15
One article couldn't hold all of the state's innovations that shape our daily lives.
Maplewood has one of the strangest city borders in the state.
Curious Minnesota

Why does Maplewood have such an odd shape?

March 1
The suburb bordering St. Paul is home to one of Minnesota's largest companies — and that's not an accident.
Curious Minnesota

What roles did Minnesota's Native American chiefs play? And who were some notable ones?

February 23
There are many misconceptions about these leaders, who sometimes had a fragile hold on power.
Curious Minnesota

Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

June 9, 2021
Help us answer questions that matter to you.

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