Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson (33), right, and Minnesota Vikings defensive back Kris Boyd (29) argue in the fourth quarter during an NFL

Mailbag: Future at cornerback? Thoughts on the rookie draft class?

Readers wonder about the future for the Vikings at cornerback and whether the 2020 draft class is Rick Spielman's best ever.

Scoggins: Boxers or briefs? At this point in Pyeongchang, either would be great

February 12, 2018
Laundry piling up at the Olympics spells trouble.

Paging Dr. Song! Reporter seeks relief via acupuncture

February 11, 2018
Part of the intrigue of covering the Pyeongchang Olympics is in sampling all things Korean -- even acupuncture.

Scoggins: They're smothering us with kindness in Pyeongchang

February 8, 2018
Olympic volunteers go out of their way to make things convenient, even when it means not exactly going by the book.

Scoggins: Hello from Pyeongchang; I'm wearing two watches

February 6, 2018
Our intrepid columnist had time, according to multiple watches, to blog as Team Strib arrives in South Korea for the Winter Olympics.