UnitedHealth Group has its headquarters in Minnetonka.

Cyberattack could cost UnitedHealth Group up to $1.6B this year

Minnetonka-based health care giant still beat first quarter earnings beat expectations after excluding one-time costs, including those related to the hack.

Minnesota House drops 'franchise fees' on internet providers that would have hiked bills

A crew lays down fiber-optic cable in Carver County, Minn., in 2022.
Supporters said the policy would improve broadband access and help fund government access programming, but telecom groups lobbied against the plan.

These Rochester teens wanted to help families like theirs. Now Congress is recognizing their new app.

April 12
Fahad Albadri, Ibraheem Razouki, and Logan Nguyen Hammel in Washington D.C. on Thursday.
Century and John Marshall high schoolers created a resources app for area Muslims.
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers speaks Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, in Superior, Wis.

Wisconsin Republicans ignore governor's call to spend $125M to combat 'forever chemicals'

Wisconsin Republicans on Tuesday ignored the latest call from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to spend $125 million to combat so-called forever chemicals, leading Evers to say he might sue over the issue.
April 12
FILE - In this Nov. 12, 2015, file photo, a man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. Google is enabling users of its di

Faced with possibly paying for news, Google removes links to California news sites for some users

Google on Friday began removing California news websites from some people's search results, a test that acted as a threat should the state Legislature pass a law requiring the search giant to pay media companies for linking to their content.
April 11
Water filtration and oxygen handler systems that works in concert with an electrolzyer pictured at a CenterPoint gas facility to create hydrogen Thurs

Xcel, UND say Midwest hydrogen 'hub' at risk from tax credit rules

A $1 billion federal grant could be in limbo in part because of limits on when companies can receive a hydrogen production tax credit for using nuclear and wind to create hydrogen.
April 10
Michael Strande, Amara Strande’s father, speaks at a news conference Wednesday in St. Paul. Amara Strande died of a rare cancer a year ago.

State says 10 water systems in the metro have unsafe levels of PFAS, under new EPA rule

It could cost $1 billion to remove PFAS or "forever chemicals" from Minnesota water supplies alone, but advocates say the costs are worth it to protect public health.
April 10
A resident sprays water on hot spots near a house during a wildfire in Celista, British Columbia, Canada, on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023. Record-breaking

Drought, heat raise the risk of a repeat of Canada's record-breaking wildfires last year

Canada's emergency preparedness minister warned Wednesday the country's wildfire season could be more explosive than last year when it led to unprecedented smoke conditions across much of the country and into the United States.
April 9
Plastic bags hang on a self checkout kiosk at a Target Corp. store in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019. Target Corp. is scheduled t

Target adds cameras at self-checkout stations to deter theft

The technology, called TruScan, is being rolled out to all stores this year, according to internal documents viewed by Bloomberg News.
April 9
Solar eclipse awes people across North America

Many eclipse visitors to northern New England pulled an all-nighter trying to leave

Thousands of visitors to northern New England communities in the path of the total solar eclipse were told to pack their patience for the trip. In some areas, they needed it for up to 12 hours after the event started, inching their way back home on packed interstates and secondary roads.
April 6
Carolyn Wharton left , John Whaley, Annette Whaley and Lauren Whaley join hundreds of other people to watch a partial eclipse at the Science Museum of

Minnesotans traveling to see Monday's solar eclipse hope to catch 'cosmic dance'

Many Minnesotans are embarking on road trips across the country to witness three or four minutes of a total solar eclipse on Monday.
April 6

Eclipse injuries shaped how they see the world

With every eclipse, ophthalmologists see patients who looked at the sun and complain afterward that their vision is distorted.
April 6
An orangutan sits in the shade at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. Researchers will be standing by to observe how animals’ routines at the zoo are disru

Birds, bees and even plants might act weird during the solar eclipse

Researchers and citizens across the globe will be observing to see how the natural world reacts.
April 3
A man takes pictures of a total solar eclipse in Chascomus, Argentina, Tuesday, July 2, 2019. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the

How to use your smartphone to photograph the solar eclipse

It takes some prep to safely get good photos of this singular event.
April 1
Even a partial solar eclipse requires either special glasses or the use of a pinhole projector, seen here, to observe safely. Museums and some state p

Here's how to watch the partial solar eclipse in the Twin Cities

The moon will obscure about 75% of the sun in much of the metro area April 8.
March 28
In this Feb. 2021, file photo released by California Department of Fish and Wildlife shows a protected gray wolf (OR-93), seen near Yosemite, Calif.,

Biden administration restores threatened species protections dropped by Trump

The Biden administration on Thursday restored rules to protect imperiled species and shield their habitat from destruction after the measures were rolled back under former President Donald Trump.
East Metro
March 27
A stretch of Main Street in downtown Stillwater, pictured in December 2022.

Arne Carlson: Why wasn't public told sooner about Stillwater PFAS contamination?

The former governor says the delay in notifying residents about the contamination is "stunning," and calls on government officials to act.
March 27
This satellite image shows the Earth's western hemisphere at 12:00 p.m. EDT on May 20, 2018.

A faster spinning Earth may cause timekeepers to subtract a second from world clocks

but only for a second.
March 27
A urinating cicada shows the impressive force of the insect's jet of pee.

When the double brood of cicadas emerge, things might get a little wet

Despite their size, cicadas can eject an impressively powerful stream of urine.
March 26
Illustration of ear, question marks, hand to evoke COVID mysteries.

Four years on, the mysteries of COVID-19 are unraveling

When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March 2020, nearly everything about the novel coronavirus was an open question. Here's what we've learned.
March 23
This sheep nicknamed Montana Mountain King was part of unlawful scheme to create large, hybrid species of wild sheep for sale to hunting preserves in

Montana rancher illegally created giant hybrid sheep to sell for thousands

He cloned embryos made and sold them to people in Texas and Minnesota.
March 22
Payton Del Rosario and her mom, Melissa, strain evaporated syrup at the community sap boil at King Park on March 16 in Minneapolis. The Urban Sap Tap

Tapping into neighborhood power to make maple syrup in a Minneapolis sugarbush

This winter was the first time the Park Board allowed the Urban Sap Tap project, a dedicated group of King Field hobby syrupers, to tap maples in King Park.
West Metro
March 20
Hennepin County to computerize absentee ballot distribution

Hennepin County to computerize absentee ballot distribution

Five-year, $1.6 million contract with BlueCrest approved by County Board for ballot software system.

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