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Jenna Ross is an arts and culture reporter.

Jenna Ross is an arts and culture reporter with the Star Tribune. She specializes in newsy features and in-depth profiles, spotting emerging issues and intriguing characters. The national Society for Features Journalism honored her work with a first-place prize for "Specialty Writing Portfolio" in 2021. Before joining the paper's arts and entertainment team, she wrote about regional and breaking news as an enterprise reporter. Her favorite stories on that beat seemed to involve big lakes: She captured the winter surfing scene on Lake Superior and profiled the longtime teacher at the one-room schoolhouse on Lake of the Woods. A Duluth native, she published her first newspaper, "The Ross Report," when she was 11 years old.
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THE GOLDEN WEDDING - After lifetimes of love and loss and a whirlwind journey on 'The Golden Bachelor,' Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist will walk down t

'Golden Bachelor' couple announce they're divorcing

After three months of marriage, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announced on "Good Morning America" that they're done.
After being on "The Bachelor," Daisy Kent, who grew up in Becker, Minn., turned down the role of "The Bachelorette."

Minnesotan Daisy Kent proud to bring 'small-town feels' to 'The Bachelor'

The reality show's runner-up talks about the tough decision to go on the show, her family's support and the importance of representation.
Why Minnesotans tend to go far on 'The Bachelor'

Why Minnesotans tend to go far on 'The Bachelor'

We crunched the highly scientific numbers to see if our suspicions were right.
During this season of "The Bachelor," winner Kelsey Anderson's father, Mark, captured fans' affections.

The widower fans want as next 'Golden Bachelor' grew up in Minnesota

Better known as "Kelsey's hot dad," Mark Anderson still cheers for the Vikings. In an interview, he talked about losing his wife to cancer and whether he'd consider finding love via reality TV.
At the March meeting of the Silent Book Club's Minneapolis chapter, two dozen people gathered at Cream & Amber in Hopkins to quietly read different bo

A novel idea: These Minnesota book clubs are silent

Silent Book Club meetings work differently, with folks quietly turning the pages of whatever books they happen to be reading: "I hated assigned reading in school."
Daisy Kent, who grew up in Becker, Minn., broke the unspoken rules of "The Bachelor," telling star Joey Graziadei, "You’re not going to choose me."

Minnesotan Daisy Kent ends 'Bachelor' alone — but on her own terms

The 25-year-old won't become "The Bachelorette," instead focusing on "the things I love and the people I love."
Daisy Kent received one of Joey Graziadei's final two roses on Monday's episode of "The Bachelor." While she wants to be with Graziadei, Kent said, sh

One of final two roses on 'The Bachelor' goes to Minnesotan Daisy Kent

After "fantasy suite" dates, the 25-year-old advances to the finale, which airs next week.
To play Minnesota-born bard Bob Dylan in an upcoming biopic, actor Timothee Chalamet trekked to Hibbing, Minn. New photos show him dressed as Dylan on

New photos show Timothée Chalamet on set as Bob Dylan

The Minnesota bard is an executive producer of the film, which is being shot in New York City.
"Bachelor" contestant Daisy Kent grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Becker, Minn. Her mother Julie Kent had been uncertain about naming her Daisy, bu

Before finale, get to know Daisy Kent, the bubbly Minnesotan on 'The Bachelor'

Her family in Becker, Minn., describes what it was like for her to lose, then gain, her health and her hearing: "It's not all sunshine and roses — and she knows that."
TOM WALLACE ï Assign#00001622A Slug:clas0217 02/11/2008 Minneapolis, MN]Twin ities native, classical composer Libby Lars

Two Minnesotans are among the 19 new members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Composer Libby Larsen and author Charles Baxter have earned international reputations from their Minneapolis homes.
Minnesotan Daisy Kent introduced "The Bachelor" star Joey Graziadei to friends and family during hometown dates this week.

Daisy Kent brings 'The Bachelor' home to Minnesota for Hallmark movie-worthy date

The 25-year-old from Becker, Minn., received one of Joey Graziadei's three roses during Monday night's episode of the reality TV show.
Minneapolis boutique Cake Plus-Sized Retail is one of the rare Twin Cities spots that still require masks. Customer Leora Feinstein, right, said that'

The last masked places: Why these small businesses and nonprofits still require masks

A bakery. A bookstore. A bike shop. More than two years after the state dropped its mandate, these Twin Cities spaces ask patrons and employees to mask up.
Joey Graziadei and Minnesotan Daisy Kent walk together on a date earlier this season. Next, the pair will spend time with Kent's family in Minnesota.

'Bachelor' picks Daisy Kent for hometown dates: 'We're going to Minnesota!'

On a date in Canada, the 25-year-old nabbed one of the last four roses. Next week, the show will feature Becker, Minn., where she grew up.
Conductor Roberto Abbado led the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra recently at Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, one stop in the orchestra's neighborhoo

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to cut three suburban venues

To grapple with reduced audiences and philanthropy, the nonprofit will no longer play in Wayzata, Arden Hills and Stillwater. But it will still play at nine venues.
"The Bachelor," Joey Graziadei, and Minnesota-raised contestant Daisy Kent talk ahead of a rose ceremony during Monday night's episode.

Minnesotan Daisy Kent makes final six on 'The Bachelor'

The 25-year-old watched Monday night's episode with "the most important people in my life."
Director Patrick Coyle watched actor Adam Bartley work a scene in "Unholy Communion," a film rooted in St. Paul. Coyle wrote the script based off of l

Murder mystery movie 'Unholy Communion' filmed in St. Paul

A first-time author and a longtime director have teamed up to make a noir shot along the city's West 7th corridor, "like a sound stage in itself."
Fans are debating who might star in "The Golden Bachelorette," the long-rumored spinoff that ABC-TV confirmed this month. Favorites include Minnesota'

'The Golden Bachelorette' is a go. But will it star Minnesotan Leslie Fhima?

ABC-TV announced Saturday the show will air in the fall.
Violists Rebecca Albers, left, and Maiya Papach applauded their 4-year-old daughter as she finished practicing a piece in their St. Paul home this mon

Two orchestras, two violists: a Minnesota love story

How Rebecca Albers and Maiya Papach, principal violists for the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, have made a musical home in Minnesota.
David Leventhal posed in 2002 in front of racks of challah at Cecil’s Delicatessen in St. Paul.

David Leventhal, who led Cecil's Deli in St. Paul for more than four decades, dies at 85

Leventhal and his wife, Sheila, owned and operated the Highland Park institution and ensured the family business would pass to his children and grandchildren.
Maggie Hennefeld, left, and Michelle Baroody are bringing their favorite rare and restored films from the big Italian film festival Il Cinema Ritrovat

Il Cinema Ritrovato on Tour brings rare films to the Twin Cities

The festival features new restorations of films from around the world at the Main Cinema and the Heights Theater.
Minnesotan Daisy Kent, right, had been nervous about sharing the story of her health and hearing loss with "Bachelor" star Joey Graziadei.

On first 'Bachelor' date, Minnesotan Daisy Kent talks Lyme disease, hearing loss

The contestant from Becker, Minn., impressed the show's lead: "I'm blown away."
Thomas Søndergård makes his debut as the new director of the Minnesota Orchestra, in Minneapolis, Minn., on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022. The first piece

Minnesota Orchestra pulls its budget into the black

Thanks to bigger audiences and PPP loan forgiveness, the nonprofit posted its first surplus since fiscal year 2018.
Minnesota's Daisy Kent, left, meets Joey Graziadei on the season premiere of "The Bachelor."

Minnesotan Daisy Kent introduces herself to 'The Bachelor,' the world

The 25-year-old grew up in Becker, Minn., on a Christmas tree farm. She already has a following on TikTok.
Partygoers gather in the chill for the Great Northern festival in 2023. This year's fest features plenty of big, buzzy events, as well as quieter offe

5 quiet must-do Great Northern festival events

The 2024 winter festival offers moments of reflection through art, music and movement.
Leonard Bernstein and Dimitri Mitropoulos photographed together in New York City on the day they signed a contract to be principal conductors for the

Did union rules prevent Leonard Bernstein from joining the Minnesota Orchestra?

The "West Side Story" composer's career might have unfolded very differently had he worked with his mentor in Minneapolis.
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner’s journey to marriage on the TV reality show “The Golden Bachelor” has inspired some seniors to search for love ag

'Golden Bachelor' inspired older adults to seek romance, busted dating stereotypes

Minnesota singles in their 60s share how the reality TV show changed the conversation around love, dating and sex. For some, it moved them to date, again.
Leslie Fhima attended the wedding of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist on Thursday night.

In attendance at the 'Golden Bachelor' wedding: Minnesotan Leslie Fhima

The runner-up on the hit reality TV show was among the many familiar faces who appeared during the televised nuptials of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.

'Golden Bachelor' runner-up Leslie Fhima spends 65th birthday in the hospital

The Minneapolitan had surgery after a bowel blockage that caused cramping.
Dyani White Hawk, left, and Kelsey Cook are Artist of the Year 2023 runners-up.

Artist of the Year 2023 runners-up: Dyani White Hawk and Kelsey Cook

Our Artist of the Year coverage wouldn't be complete without spotlighting these two artists, in very different fields, who drew national acclaim.
How the Minnesota book 'Braiding Sweetgrass' became a culture-shifting bestseller

How the Minnesota book 'Braiding Sweetgrass' became a culture-shifting bestseller

The story of how Robin Wall Kimmerer's essays on the natural world became "the book for our times" — a surprise that begins in Minnesota and the Minneapolis publisher, Milkweed Editions.
Minneapolis fitness instructor Leslie Fhima at the “Bachelor” mansion. “All my family have been really supportive. They just want me to be happy

Minnesota 'Golden Bachelor' finalist Leslie Fhima is looking for someone 'to be still with'

After a brutal breakup on the reality TV show, Fhima shares what she's learned and whether she's in talks to become "The Golden Bachelorette."

Minneapolis artist and advertising entrepreneur Miranda Moss dies at 81

Moss led the design firm Yamamoto Moss with charisma, grace and humor.

Despite challenges, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra balances budget in fiscal year 2023

Concert attendance improved, but is still down 30% compared with before the pandemic.
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - 'Finale and After the Final Rose (108)' - After an incredible season of love stories, Jesse Palmer hosts as the emotional conclu

Minnesotan Leslie Fhima's 'Golden Bachelor' story reaches its end

After Thursday night's finale, many want to see more from the 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minneapolis.
'The Golden Bachelor' contestant Leslie Fhima spends time inside her home in Minneapolis, Minn., on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023. ] SHARI L. GROSS • shar

Four things to know about Leslie Fhima ahead of the 'Golden Bachelor' finale

The Minnesotan could receive a proposal on the hit reality TV spinoff. If she doesn't, she could be in the running to become the first "Golden Bachelorette."
Flautist Julie Johnson played a 15 minute concert as part of the Bach Society of MinnesotaÕs Mobile Mini Concert Series at Van Cleve Park in Minneapo

St. Paul announces $1.3 million in grants for arts, cultural groups

The latest round of the grant program, funded by a half-cent sales tax, will go to 66 arts organizations and events.
Gerry Turner, the star of “The Golden Bachelor,” and Leslie Fhima, a Minneapolis fitness instructor, spent a camera-free night together in Costa R

Overnight dates leave 'Golden Bachelor' torn between Minnesota and New Jersey women

Hoosier Gerry Turner and Minnesotan Leslie Fhima discussed where they'd live: "Instead of bicoastal, we can be bi-Midwestern."
Sauna enthusiast Israel Lowell with his sauna hat emerges from the Superior Sauna & Steam, one of the hotter saunas in Minneapolis, Minn., on Thur

Great Northern Festival's 2024 lineup to feature more fire and ice

Highlights of the winter festival will include a 100-foot ice bar, three weeks of saunas and epic dinners.
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - "106" - Only two roses remain as Gerry Turner heads to the hometowns of his final three women where, for the first time in "Bach

After trip to Minnesota, 'Golden Bachelor' star gives Leslie Fhima one of final two roses

Fhima's grandchildren bookended a cliffhanger episode with cuteness.
'The Golden Bachelor' contestant Leslie Fhima spends time with her grandchildren Jackson,10, and Sofia, 6, inside her home in Minneapolis, Minn., on S

Get to know Leslie Fhima as she brings 'Golden Bachelor' home to Minnesota

The fitness instructor and "glama" to three grandchildren has become a TV favorite at age 64. But according to her brother, "she's always been a star."
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - "105" - Hometowns are on the horizon for the golden bachelor. With only three roses remaining, the final six women face the poss

'The Golden Bachelor' heads to Minnesota after Leslie Fhima makes final three

During Thursday's episode, the 64-year-old Minneapolitan told star Gerry Turner that she's falling in love with him.
Yasmin Yassin spent months capturing the Somali dance troupe that’s become a fixture of both festivals and TikTok.

Photographer's film 'Dhaanto' about Somali dance troupe is 'a love letter to my community'

Yasmin Yassin only started filming the short documentary after spending months with the group, based out of the Somali Museum of Minnesota.
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - "104" - Gerry Turner's journey continues with an adventurous one-on-one and a group date that has the women flexing their pickle

After a steamy date, Minnesotan Leslie Fhima advances on 'Golden Bachelor'

The 64-year-old fitness instructor has charmed star Gerry Turner and the reality show's fans with her hearing aid jokes, dance moves and softer side.
"In Our Hands", a sweeping new exhibition of Indigenous photography opens this weekend at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It features more than 150

Native photographers tell their own stories in major Minneapolis Institute of Art exhibition

A team of Indigenous artists picked the 150 photographs that make up "In Our Hands: Native Photography, 1890 to Now," which opens Sunday.
Dyani Whitehawk poses in front of her work at the Whitney Museum of Art during its Biennial in New York , NY., on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Barry Wil

Minnesota artist Dyani White Hawk wins MacArthur 'genius' grant

The 46-year-old artist, who is Sičáŋǧu Lakota, is one of 20 people to win the $800,000 grant, a group that includes artists, social scientists and entrepreneurs.
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - '101' - For the first time in Bachelor franchise history, 22 incredible women in the prime of their lives will roll up their sto

Minnesotan Leslie Fhima rejects senior stereotypes on 'Golden Bachelor' premiere

The 64-year-old fitness instructor showed off Minneapolis landmarks during the first episode of the new realty TV series.
10 great galleries to visit during Twin Cities Art Week

10 great galleries to visit during Twin Cities Art Week

Get to know Minneapolis and St. Paul's gallery scene.
Twin Cities arts organizations lure back audiences with new programs, tweaks, start times

Twin Cities arts organizations lure back audiences with new programs, tweaks, start times

Art groups try new efforts — from early start times to party-like openings — to lure audiences back.
Irna Landrum at the Mississippi River, October 26, 2019 • Photo: Eric Mueller

Minneapolis Interview Project tells the city's story through 92 of its residents

Since 2016, the project has collected interviews about life, land and social justice. On Thursday, those stories get an audience.
Author Abraham Verghese tracked the many characters in his new novel “The Covenant of Water” on a white board in his living-room-turned-office.

Doctor-turned-author Abraham Verghese is back with an epic novel and a Talking Volumes appearance

"The Covenant of Water" flows from the lives of Verghese's family matriarchs, plus his beliefs formed over a lifetime in medicine.
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - ABC's 'The Golden Bachelor' stars Leslie. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Minnesotan Leslie Fhima to date TV's new 'Golden Bachelor'

The 64-year-old fitness instructor and "glama" to three grandkids has long been looking for love, her son said.
This spring, Thomas Søndergård conducted "Elektra" at the Copenhagen Opera House, where he once played as a timpanist.

Meet Minnesota Orchestra's new conductor Thomas Søndergård in his native land

The 53-year-old music director has been shaped by Denmark's music, art and geography.
THE BACHELORETTE - '2003' - It's time to leave the mansion behind! This high-stakes week on the road includes two make-or-break one-on-one dates and a

Why Minnesotan John Buresh left his dream job to go on 'The Bachelorette'

"I believe you have to put yourself in situations where you can allow God's work," Buresh said.

BCA: 11 arrested after human trafficking sting in St. Paul

The two-day operation also led to the removal of four victims from trafficking situations, authorities said.

Minnesota marks 10 years of same-sex marriage: 'It made it possible for me to become my authentic self'

We look back at 10 years of same-sex marriage in Minnesota by having conversations with 10 couples, nine of whom married — and in one case, divorced — over the decade. They delved into issues of equality, of diversity, of legacy. And, of course, of love.
THE BACHELORETTE - ABC's 'The Bachelorette' stars John B. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Minnesotan John Buresh is among 'The Bachelorette' contestants

The University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas graduate grew up in Excelsior.

Art center in small-town Park Rapids, Minn., has become a hot spot for big-time artists

Thanks partly to sculptor and board member Aaron Spangler, who lives nearby, the Nemeth Art Center has lured artists like Pao Houa Her, Alec Soth and Caroline Kent.

Taylor Swift's Minnesota fans gather to laud their queen

Friday is the first of Swift's two sold-out shows at U.S. Bank Stadium. For fans, the concert marked not only a major cultural moment but an intimate, shared experience.

Taylor Swift's Minnesota fans gather to laud their queen

Friday is the first of Swift's two sold-out shows at U.S. Bank Stadium. For fans, the concert marked not only a major cultural moment but an intimate, shared experience.
Perusing files together inside the Wetterling home in St. Joseph, Minn., Patty Wetterling and Joy Baker came across a note Patty's son Jacob wrote.

Her son Jacob was abducted in 1989. Now, Patty Wetterling is finally telling her own story.

Patty Wetterling wrote a memoir with blogger-turned-friend Joy Baker, who she believes helped solve the case of her missing son.
Artist Aimee Lee’s “Young” features a dress hanging — and gently swaying — in the gallery.

What is paper? With 'Paper Is People,' Minnesota Center for Book Arts rethinks the white sheet

At a Thursday event, the show's curators will continue a conversation about decolonizing not only book arts but its most basic element.
Artist and administrator Jovan C. Speller Rebollar will become the new executive director of the Great Northern, co-leading the nonprofit and winter f

The Great Northern gets new leader — artist and administrator Jovan C. Speller Rebollar

Speller Rebollar will become the new executive director of the growing nonprofit behind the two-week winter festival.
Librettist Marc Bamuthi Joseph, with conductor Bill Eddins, practiced during the rehearsal of "brea(d)th" with the Minnesota Orchestra Monday ,March,2

Piece for Minnesota Orchestra places murder of George Floyd in context of America

The Minnesota Orchestra will debut the commissioned work "brea(d)th" this month.
Sharon Punch of White Bear Lake viewed “Standing Bodhisattva” by Mareth Sullivan during Art in Bloom last year at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minnesota arts nonprofits launch campaign to draw people back to theaters, museums

Formed in the depths of the pandemic, the Minnesota Arts and Culture Coalition is now focused on recovery.
J.D. Steele believes in moving the body so it reflects the emotions in the voice as he dances with Rosann Hudgins of Capri Glee on its first rehearsal

J.D. Steele's north Minneapolis choir turns strangers into family

Capri Glee brings together adults from across the Twin Cities to sing, dance and learn from a musical legend.

Jack Barkla, artist and legendary set designer for the Guthrie and Children's theaters, dies at 83

Known for his inventive sets, he quit theater to focus on painting. But he continued dreaming up designs for Dayton's and Bachman's.

Hidden Gem: 'Sky Pesher' behind the Walker Art Center, offers an 'ever-changing portal'

The installation by artist James Turrell is one of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden's quieter works. That's by design.

In the Heart of the Beast will reopen in Minneapolis — with Minnesota's first puppet library

The south Minneapolis nonprofit has reversed its plans to sell the storied Avalon Theatre on Lake Street.
Artist Frank Buffalo Hyde in front of one of his recent paintings in his garage studio at his Northfield home. Tuesday, March 14, 2023 in Northfield,

Painter and new Minnesotan Frank Buffalo Hyde competes on TV reality show 'The Exhibit'

Appearing on the MTV series was part of a pandemic promise to say "Yes" more often.
Rosy Simas poses for a portrait Thursday, March 2, 2023 in her studio, three thirty one space, in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. ]

After decades of dance, Minnesota artist Rosy Simas wins national $550K award

The choreographer and transdisciplinary artist sees the Doris Duke Artist Awards as "a real recognition of my work cumulatively over the last 30 years."
Isabella Star LaBlanc brings her Dakota storytelling and her Minnesota pride to every set.

From Minnesota to HBO series, Indigenous actor bringing 'my people and my stories with me'

The "True Detective" role has returned Isabella Star LaBlanc to her Minnesota and Dakota roots in mysterious ways.
Rik Kutcher, playing Tom Collins, and Lawrence Hutera, playing Angel, act in a scene together during a rehearsal of Rent by Theatre 55.

Older actors give fresh, deeper meaning to 'Rent' in St. Paul production

One of the stars has been living with HIV since before the musical's Broadway premiere.
Stephanie Lake in her home office with her book “Bonnie Cashin: Chic Is Where You Find It” in May 2016.

Sarah Edwards and other artists take over a downtown Minneapolis hotel

The new event Sonder emerged during a dark year for the social media queen.
Lelis Brito’s performance “You Change Me” on June 12 at Northern Spark 2021.

All-night Northern Spark arts festival announces end

The nonprofit behind the free public arts fest cited pandemic pressures and reduced income.
The Minnesota Orchestra posted a $656,000 deficit for fiscal year 2022, which included concerts celebrating the 19-year tenure of music director Osmo

Minnesota Orchestra rebounds from pandemic but remains in the red

The financial results released Wednesday reflect a return to weekly concerts and a major federal grant.