In an episode she watched from her family's home in Minnesota, Daisy Kent advanced on "The Bachelor," making the final six.

The 25-year-old from Becker, Minn., went on a group date — a scavenger hunt through Montreal — during the Monday night episode of the reality TV series. But she nabbed bits of one-on-one time with the show's star, tennis pro Joey Graziadei.

"When I'm around you, I just light up inside," she told him before joking about her need for nightly foot massages.

Ahead of the show, Kent posted a video on Instagram saying that she was in Minnesota, where she'd be tuning in with her family: "Which has been really nice because they're most important people in my life."

She also explained that watching the show back has been "very overwhelming at times."

There are conversations and interactions that she's seeing for the first time, Kent said. "And everybody has an opinion and something to say about like what's going on with me or somebody else on the show."

She realized that the show would be aired online, she continued. "But I didn't realize how crazy some people be online."

Graziadei sent home two women during the episode. Another contestant, Lexi Young, left after feeling like she and Graziadei were on different timelines; while he wants to wait two or three years after marrying before having kids, Young wants to try for children soon, given her struggle with endometriosis and its implications for fertility.

A preview for next week's episode, filmed in Alberta, Canada, features Kent and Graziadei horseback riding, spending time in a hot tub and having an intense talk over dinner.