St. Paul will temporarily close Water Street/Lilydale Road beginning Monday in anticipation of local street flooding caused by the rising Mississippi River.

The Mississippi has risen to 10.54 feet and is expected to crest closer to 15 feet around May 20, according to forecasts by the National Weather Service. A "minor flood stage" is considered official at 14 feet.

As a precaution, Water Street, which sits along the south side of the river, will be closed to vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians between Hwy. 13 and Plato Boulevard.

Other parks, trails and facilities near the river have also closed to the public in recent days including Chestnut Plaza, Crosby Farm Regional Park, Desnoyer Trail, the Harriet Island Pavilion and public dock, Raspberry Island, Lilydale Regional Park, Hidden Falls Regional Park, Kelly's Landing and the Watergate Marina.

Access to Picnic Island and Pike Island at Fort Snelling State Park was also closed on Sunday due to rising flood waters, according to the park's website.

The city plans to keep many of the streets and trails closed until the Mississippi River's water levels recede below 10 feet.

"Temporarily closing Water Street is a standard practice by the city when the river levels start to rise," said Sean Kershaw, St. Paul's director of public works. "We remind people to be safe and always follow all posted signs when enjoying the river. Do not explore or go into any areas, trails or roads that are closed due to the high water levels."