Introduction: The Wild had a chance to make an early-season statement against Vegas, the team that knocked Minnesota out of the playoffs a year ago. Instead, the Wild fell behind and couldn't complete a furious rally, losing 3-2 and going 0-for-6 on the power play in the road loss. Beat writer Sarah McLellan checks in with a "voicemail" from Las Vegas to help break it down.

4:00: Host Michael Rand isn't buying Karl-Anthony Towns' frustration with losing and thinks KAT has to own it instead of suggesting that it is merely happening to him.

6:00: Iowa-based radio host and writer Andrew Downs joins the show to help set up Saturday's big game between the Gophers and Hawkeyes down in Iowa. Both teams have had setbacks lately, but both are still tied for the Big Ten West lead. Plenty is at stake, and Downs will help set it all up from an Iowa perspective.

20:00: NFL/Vikings writer Mark Craig joins the show for the weekly picks segment, and perhaps against his better judgment he likes the Vikings to win on Sunday against the Chargers.

36:00: Olympic gymnast Suni Lee of St. Paul says she was the victim of a racist attack.

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