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Richard Chin is a feature reporter with the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. He has been a longtime Twin Cities-based journalist who has covered crime, courts, transportation, outdoor recreation and human interest stories.

As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.
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ChloeAlexa Landry

ChloeAlexa Landry, movie projectionist and transgender advocate, dies at 80

ChloeAlexa Lawrencia Landry led a richly varied life that ranged from operating movie projectors at the Walker Art Center to making pizzas in Bogota, Colombia.A…
For serious bird watchers, the Sax-Zim Bog in rural St. Louis County is a unique boreal habitat in the U.S. that attracts serious birdwatchers from ar

For American birders seeking rare owls, Minnesota in winter is a hot destination

Birders from around the country flock to Minnesota in winter. Local guides help them spot elusive owls and other rarities.
Need to call someone to unstick a giant ship? Maybe not this guy.

Which superhero should we call if the Suez Canal gets plugged again?

If only we could have unplugged the Suez Canal just by calling a superhero. But which one?
Dan Schmit, Wise Acre executive chef, prepares a Scottish Highland beef burger in a reusable stainless steel container.

Minneapolis restaurants offer takeout food without a side of guilt for using wasteful containers

To-go meals often result in a pile of empty containers. A Minneapolis trio hopes to trim the trash.
Sprout pencils, which contain a seed capsule, can be planted after use. The winning poet will recieve Sprout pencils along with a scarf from the Limer

Get your rhymes ready: it's time to enter the Star Tribune's limerick contest

We're looking for something humorous or amusing that comments on our hoped-for emergence from the pandemic and a return to normalcy.
Seal of approval: The next Sparky, with zookeeper Allison Jungheim, was known as Subee.

Sparky speaks: A Q&A with Minnesota's most famous sea lion

An iconic Minnesota performer will soon be on the stage again.
Fans at 89.3 the Current’s 12th annual birthday party at First Avenue in Minneapolis in 2017.

Quiz: What have you given up in your pandemic year?

Can you remember the last time you got dressed up or shook hands? Take our quiz on pandemic living and see how you compare with other Minnesotans.
Who needs snowshoes? A few pairs of wool socks are all you need to run in the snow, according to Finnish wool sock running enthusiasts.

Why should Minnesotans run in wool socks and no shoes? Ask the Finns

A Star Tribune reporter tried villasukkajuoksu and didn't get frostbite.
Bill Clinton tie.

Shoreview trivia buff wins our presidential library gift shop trivia contest

Congrats to the winner of our POTUS trivia quiz.
Test your knowledge of some of these unusual presidential souvenirs

Test your knowledge of some of these unusual presidential souvenirs

In honor of Presidents' Day, we rounded up our favorite items available at presidential library gift shops around the country and turned them into a little quiz on iconic moments in presidential history. Play along for a chance to win some of the cool and quirky souvenirs pictured here.
Franklin Roosevelt portrayer Gary Stamm.

These Minnesota portrayers have become president, if only for hire

Being commander in chief means more than dressing up to political cosplayers, who study history, memorize speeches and take pride in their portrayals.
Flora Florenius, 11, of Sweden, and Susan Wabaunsee, of Apple Valley, take turns reading virtually. They recently finished “The Hunger Games.”

Retired Minnesota school psychologist and shy Swedish schoolgirl bond over a book

A lot of learning goes on when you read aloud with a child, even if you're doing that reading isolated by a pandemic and separated by an ocean.
Nick Diesslin tossed some practice pizzas.       ] GLEN STUBBE •   Wednesday, January 6, 2021       Nick Diesslin’s 15

Minnesota pizza dough thrower is one of the best in world at 'pizza acrobatics'

A Maplewood "pizza acrobat" makes, delivers, throws pizza with the best in the competitive world sport.
One person arrested in fatal Brooklyn Park shooting

One person arrested in fatal Brooklyn Park shooting

Brooklyn Park police arrested a suspect following a fatal shooting Saturday night.Officers were called to a residence in the 3800 block of 83rd Ave. N.…
Man shot several times in Richfield dies of his wounds

Man shot several times in Richfield dies of his wounds

Witnesses reported seeing a passenger car with two male occupants fleeing the area, according to police.
A sign of the times. Help! Save 2020!

Watch the funny, touching and wacky videos from our Save 2020 Contest

The responses to our video contest touched the heart and the funny bone.
Our suggestions on how to celebrate solstice outdoors

Our suggestions on how to celebrate solstice outdoors

The winter solstice can be a good time to gaze at the skies, glide on skis or listen for owls.
The British company Luxmuralis, which is producing the projection at the Cathedral of St. Paul, created this one at Westminster Abbey to celebrate Cha

The Cathedral of St. Paul is becoming a holy drive-in theater

A sound-and-light show telling the Nativity story will be projected on the cathedral facade for three nights this month.
A sign of the times.

2020 has been a bad year, but here's why it's not the worst

This is a year many of us would like to forget. But it's far from the worst.
Leonard “Skeets” Langley

Leonard 'Skeets' Langley, champion accordion player and music teacher, dies at 77

Langley started playing the accordion when he was 6. By the time he was 11, he was playing professionally.
Robert Green

Robert Green, who escaped segregated South for high-tech job in Minnesota, dies at 90

In the 1950s, when Robert Green and his wife Roslyn were thinking about moving north from Biloxi, Miss., they considered New Jersey or Minnesota. They…
Pet hen Cali is dressed up in celebration of a big event: her first egg.

See the winners of our 2020 Halloween Pet Costume Contest

Presenting all the adorable, wacky and weird pet costumes your heart desires.
One of the candidates in the Creepy Doll Contest sponsored by the History Center of Olmsted County.

Creepy doll contests: The spooky historical dolls terrifying Minnesotans this Halloween

Two Minnesota organizations are using dolls to induce the creeps this Halloween.
Assistant director Lance Sample conducted the marching band performing at TCF Bank Stadium. The show will be aired on YouTube and Facebook.

Pandemic has not stopped U of M Marching Band

Divided into two bands, playing instruments inside of special bags, the University of Minnesota Marching Band masks up and keeps marching.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a Minnetonka company is recalling about 11 tons of frozen meat pro

Minnetonka company recalls frozen meat products

More than 20,000 pounds of frozen hot dish and sloppy joe products recalled because of lack of inspections.

Construction accident kills one person, injures another near Litchfield

A concrete boom truck tipped over on two people.
“Deadly Drive-In” co-creators Matthew Felt, left, and Chad Kampe display this gruesome look at Rosedale Center in Roseville.

Twin Cities Halloween attractions switch to drive-through, drive-in or virtual haunts

Concern about coronavirus has led to the cancellation of some local haunts. But others have decided that the horror show must go on, with adjustments.
Beau, the 2019 Halloween Pet Costume Contest second-place winner.

Dress your pets! It's time for the Star Tribune Halloween Pet Costume Contest

For some scary good fun, upload your best images of your adorable pets by Oct. 21.
Waffles is a Minnesota dog with a pet trust.

Who will take care of Fido when you're gone? Minnesotans put trust in trusts

In addition to writing wills, Minnesotans are now setting up trusts to care for pets ranging from dogs and horses to parrots and raccoons.
Put will writing on your pandemic to-do list.

COVID-19 pandemic has more people writing their wills

There's nothing like a deadly pandemic to make you aware of your mortality.

Who won the Star Tribune Amateur Talent Contest?

Let's have a hand for the best of our talent contest competitors.
Daniel Novak Jr.

Daniel Novak Jr., who photographed everything from war to weddings, dies at age 96

When he got back to the Twin Cities, he started the Novak Photo Studio on Broadway in Minneapolis in addition to owning a studio on Nicollet Mall.
Pat Moriarty, creator of a series of YouTube puzzle videos, hid a miniature treasure chest, the object of his latest puzzle video treasure hunt, as hi

Meet Minnesota's subculture of treasure hunters and treasure hiders

The pandemic has ignited an already thriving treasure hunting hotbed in the Twin Cities.
Minnesotans named Karen say they’re OK with the name, despite the mean meme.

Minnesotans named Karen say they're OK, despite the meme

On social media, Karen has morphed into a general-purpose epithet. What does Karen think about all this? She's trying to have a sense of humor about it.
Diver Joe Reichling removed Eurasian watermilfoil from the water near a lakeside home in Prior Lake.

Got lake weeds? Maybe scuba divers are your solution

Divers do combat with aquatic weeds in this niche business.

Which pandemic pastimes have staying power?

Our guide to the most interesting, fun and productive ways we've been spending our time.

Dayton mayor pleads guilty to mishandling of festival funds

Tim McNeil was charged with felony theft by swindle, but he says he forgot to file paperwork.
Across Minnesota, 253 people require hospitalization for COVID-19, according to numbers released Sunday, July 5.

5 more die of virus in state; hospitalizations decline

Sunday's numbers showed 519 new cases in Minnesota. Residents of long-term care and assisted-living facilities accounted for all of the newly announced deaths.
A squirrel twirls gracefully on the bird feeder.

Watch: Minnesota squirrels turn a squirrel-repelling bird feeder into an amusement ride

A Mahtomedi resident thought he had a way to keep squirrels from raiding his feeders, but the crafty rodents are just taking him for a ride.
Larry Ripp stumbled into his career as “the Baron of Bubble” 10 years ago when he purchased a bubble-making kit for his grandson.

Meet the Baron of Bubble, the maker of car-sized floating art

Larry Ripp is one entertainer whose act is literally good, clean fun.
This illustration provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

How to protect against COVID-19 when someone gets too close

Humming a tune may help you deal with close encounters of the COVID kind.
Mountain bikers careen down the Happy Camper trail at Spirit Mountain Bike Park in Duluth.

Bored with running, biking or hiking? Try some of these outdoor activities

Not all outdoor pursuits involve getting on a crowded path. Here are suggestions for things to do in the parks, in the woods and on the water.
Roses on display include (clockwise, from left) “Busy as a Bee” by Jim Defeo, “Petals on the Runway” by Christopher Straub, “Bloom” by Eri

Roseville is hoping to lure visitors with 658-pound roses

St. Paul had Snoopy statues. Buffalo has its bison. Roseville is going for roses.
Opera singer Ellie Dehn.

How about this as a gift? A singing telegram from a Broadway star

Thanks to the pandemic, now you can book a star from Broadway or opera to sing just for you.
Lilli Prouty with her mom, Julianna, has created a scale model of the solar system that shows the relative distance between the sun and her nine plane

An 8-year-old St. Paul girl is taking her neighborhood on a space walk

She put up laminated signs to demonstrate the relative distance between the sun and the planets.
Forager Tim Clemens showed off a few of his morel mushrooms.

Mushrooms that smell like Fruity Pebbles and other forest finds by a St. Paul forager

Forager Tim Clemens knows how to live off the land, and he can teach others how, too.
Carolyn Sue Olson’s illustration from her “Essential Workers” series, top, depicts masks that are becoming our new normal. Sai Xiong’s “I AM

You're witnessing history: Minnesota archivists call for help documenting the pandemic

Archivists are asking for blog posts, photos, signs, even T-shirts to capture pandemic history as it's happening.
In this time of the virus corona: Here are the winners of the Star Tribune limerick contest

In this time of the virus corona: Here are the winners of the Star Tribune limerick contest

There once was a winner ...
People gather on Zoom, a video conferencing app. Companies and friend groups across the U.S. are video chatting to keep spirits high. (Jamie Lee Finch

You may be ready for your videoconferencing close-up, but is your makeshift office?

You may be ready for your videoconferencing close-up, but is your makeshift office?
North Oaks city council member Martin Long recently attended a city council meeting from his hot tub.

North Oaks council member attends meeting from his hot tub

This suburban city council member is all wet.
Minneapolis woman collected thousands of bras — then gave them away to women in shelters

Minneapolis woman collected thousands of bras — then gave them away to women in shelters

Annie Richman amassed about 4,000 bras over the past seven years. And gave them all away.
Freewheel Bike locations in the Twin Cities offer a “black glove” delivery service.

Trying to stay fit during the shutdown? These Twin Cities gyms, judo studios and gear shops want to help

Fitness buffs and the businesses that cater to them are finding a way to connect amid COVID-19.
Bryan Korbel of Columbia Heights is prepared for disaster. His supplies include gas masks from Fleet Farm.

Minnesota preppers ready 'for far more than what is coming down the pike right now'

They've been stockpiling and planning for disaster for years. Now they're prepared to cope without fully stocked grocery stores, tap water and electricity.
Diana Neidecker and her spouse Blake Ward, who started filling the little free library outside their home with grocery items on Monday to help those i

Enter the heroes: Ordinary Minnesotans do extraordinary things

The COVID-19 crisis has many Minnesotans rushing to help friends, neighbors and strangers.
Knitting may reduce blood pressure, lower depression and anxiety and increase a sense of well-being.

Stressed out by coronavirus? Here are 7 simple things you can do right now to relax

From gum to gratitude, here are some novel ideas of how to improve your mood despite the COVID-19 outbreak.
Kurt Anderson made final adjustments to the Arctic Arrow before its first run at Bear Lake in Manawa, Wis.

A Minnesotan drives a rocket sled across a frozen lake. What could go wrong?

An Orono business owner's quest: to become the fastest man on ice.
Scared? That makes sense.

There's a reason why you're so freaked out by the coronavirus

As the number of cases and the number of places being infected by the novel coronavirus grows, everyone from Wall Street to the man on the street seems rattled.
Dave Gummeson, left, and Doug Furry two of the greatest foosball players from Minnesota, played in Gummeson's Minneapolis basement.

Minnesotans may have never won it all in pro football, but they have in pro foosball

At the height of table soccer's popularity, a couple of teenagers from the Iron Range were the reigning champs.
Barbara Naughton

Barbara Naughton, WWII refugee who became dementia care nurse, dies at 74

Barbara Naughton was born into a world ripped apart by war, a conflict that had already taken the life of her father and all of…
Biohacker Thaddeus Owen in a closet in the family’s home where he bathes himself in red light each day before dawn.

Sleep cages and ice baths: The extreme lifestyle of local biohackers

Can you engineer a better human? These folks are trying to find out by experimenting on themselves.
From left, Dane Edward Miller, Leo Royzman and Chad Juncker (with sign) embrace the ice bath hack. Throughout the winter, biohackers maintain a hole i

Meet the people who think soaking in a frozen Minneapolis lake is the secret to good health

The popular "biohack" cold-water immersion is gaining ground with Twin Cities residents and some scientists.
David Malmberg, a lifelong ventriloquist, and dummy Lars Gunderson. Malmberg is the one on the right. Bah-da-bing!

Can you make a living as a ventriloquist? This St. Paul man can speak to that

Decades after a St. Paul man started making dummies talk, ventriloquism is cool again.
Photographer Cooper Dodds caught this skier after takeoff from the Bush Lake ski jump in Bloomington.

What happens when a ski jumper takes a camera to the top of the hill?

A skier and photographer captures the unique culture of ski jumping in the Midwest.
Uri Sands of TU Dance.

Sex harassment complaint prompts co-founder to quit St. Paul's TU Dance

TU Dance's Uri Sands faces sex allegation; co-founder Toni Pierce-Sands stays on.
A plastic lion, gorilla, polar bear and sea lion from Como Zoo’s Mold-A-Rama machine.

Where to find the last old-school Mold-A-Rama souvenir vending machine in Minnesota

Beloved souvenir vending machines make Minnesota a destination for collectors.
Mining holiday anxieties: Twisted Santa Justin Betancourt lunged for visitor Tylyn Page at Haunted Basement’s the Workshop.

Rest in peace, ye merry gentlemen: Horror isn't just for Halloween anymore

The Twin Cities haunted house known as the Haunted Basement has created a holiday-themed nightmare before Christmas show this December.
Ingrid Maslow

Ingrid Maslow, who survived the Holocaust thanks to nuns and her own resourcefulness, dies at 86

Maslow learned her State Fair prize-winning needlepoint skills from the nuns who sheltered her from the Nazis.
A woman hailed a taxi in Duluth to try and travel during the snowstorm on Saturday.

As historic storm halts travel in Duluth, metro area gets soaked and wind-chilled

Heavy snow forecast for North Shore while wintry mix plagued Twin Cities.
“Game of Thrones” socks advent calendar.

Beard oil, hot sauce, sex toys: The advent calendar gets weird

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 25 pieces of beef jerky.
The living room has one of the two working fireplaces in the house.

$1.45M Mpls. home designed by team behind Swedish Institute's 'Castle'

The duo behind the American Swedish Institute "Castle" also designed this Lowry Hill house.
Gipson Shoemaker III in his shop in Minneapolis, where he creates cigar box guitars, an old-time folk instrument that’s experiencing a modern resurg

Mpls. man resurrects a storied folk instrument: The cigar box guitar

In the hands of Gipson Shoemaker III, the simple wooden box becomes a musical instrument worth hundreds of dollars and capable of producing a raw, gritty and authentic sound.
Nate Mielke of Hopkins leads Casey Johnson of Golden Valley in a race around the track. Riders compete in a series of races, each consisting of 3-4 la

A Minneapolis distillery brings a scrappy new form of bike racing to Minnesota

British-style racing with brakeless bikes ups the Anglophile ante at Royal Foundry Craft Spirits.
Peter Yang and Seppy Yoon tried Four Humours for the first time, at Tower Games in Minneapolis.

Twin Cities seen as 'one of the premier places to make board games in the world'

The Twin Cities has become a hotbed for board games, from design and development to hard-core players.
2019 Halloween Pet Costume Contest winners

Is your pet ready for Halloween? See the winners of the Star Tribune Pet Costume Contest

The winners in our Halloween Pet Costume Contest ranged from the elaborate to the adorably goofy.
Paranormal investigator and pro wrestler Bryan Dorn held the trophy belt he won recently at the Paranormal Pro Wrestling event, part of the Chicago Gh

Meet the pro wrestler moonlighting as a Minnesota paranormal investigator

In his citizen history project, Minnesota's Famous Dead, Bryan Dorn locates and photographs the most notable Twin Cities grave sites.