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3 hurt in ambulance rollover crash

An Allina ambulance landed on its side in Minneapolis Wednesday night when it was struck by a passenger car, which caused it to roll, police said.

Three people were hurt, two paramedics and the driver of a black car that hit the ambulance at 14th Street and Portland Avenue.  Allina spokesperson Tim Burke said the two paramedics in the ambulance were taken to Abbot Northwestern Hospital, the person in the passenger vehicle was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center. All three victims were released from their hospital visit later the same night.

According to police, a small car hit the ambulance around 8 p.m.. The collision caused the ambulance to hit a parked vehicle before it tipped on its side.  Three people inside the parked car were not hurt.

The ambulance was not responding to an incident at the time of the accident and had no patients inside, Burke said, adding that it was not seriously damaged in the crash.

People photographed SUV wreck on Iowa campus, but didn't call police

The Department of Homeland Security has been telling us for a long time that "If You See Something, Say Something."

Now police at Iowa State University are giving the same message after nobody called police to report a bizarre crash Tuesday morning  in which an out-of-control SUV landed on top of several parked cars on campus.

The wreck drew lots of attention from a number of people who pulled out their phones, but they didn't use them to dial 911.

"Unfortunately, nobody called this in to our department. When officers arrived, there were multiple people standing around the scene taking pictures," the university's police department said in a Facebook post.

According to police, the SUV driver lost control and hit the parked cars near the school's Armory. While nobody was hurt, the incident prompted police to implore the public to call in on anything that looks disruptive or concerning.

" If you see something, say something!," police said. "Careless driving affects more than just you and your car. Everyone is at risk when drivers aren't cautious."

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