The Wild's Marcus Foligno threw a punch at New York Rangers' Brendan Lemieux during a game last March in St. Paul.

Why isn't it a crime to punch someone if you're playing pro hockey?

Players have been charged for NHL fights, including one notorious Minnesota incident in 1975, but those cases are the exception. Why aren't hockey fights considered assault?
June 3, 1954 Great Northern Railway's first Empire Builder, which entered service in 1929, is shown on the Stone Arch Bridge crossing the Mississippi
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Why does the Stone Arch Bridge cross the Mississippi at such an odd angle?

November 2
Older than most historic buildings still standing in the Twin Cities, the 136-year-old bridge has long been Minneapolis' de facto welcome mat. But why was it built the way it was, with such a long angle?
Goldy Gopher at the new TCF Bank Stadium on the U of M campus.
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How did Minnesota become the Gopher State?

October 25
It appears Minnesotans have been misled about their beloved gophers. We try to unravel the gopher mystery.
KYNDELL HARKNESS •] Traffic moved through the roundabout on 66th Street near Hwy 77 in Richfield.
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Are roundabouts really safer than traditional intersections?

October 19
With only about 5,000 roundabouts on the nation's roads — making them still somewhat uncommon — it's natural for drivers to initially be confused.
IN THIS PHOTO: Minneapolis,MN., Tuesday, 6/5/2001. (far lower left) The old Washburn A mill, on the river in downtown Minneapolis, the proposed site o
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Why do so many Fortune 500 companies call Minnesota home?

October 11
The country's 16th largest metro doesn't dominate the Fortune 500 list because of its size.
Jack Weber drove his wheat combine on his field. The wheat doesn't bring much cash but it does improve the health of his soil.
] GLEN STUBBE ¥ glen.s
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Is Minnesota part of the Midwest? Should it be?

October 4
Sure, it's roughly in the middle of the country, but some think of the Midwest as more than a location.
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Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

August 6
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
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Why are Honeycrisp apples still so expensive?

September 27
One of the University of Minnesota's most profitable inventions continues to be a best-seller despite its top-priced status.
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Playing favorites: What's the story behind the Twins' game jersey picks?

September 20
Pitchers generally pick the game jerseys worn for home games, but each one goes about the selection process differently.