Michelle Kennedy grabbed a pack of cigarettes behind the counter for a customer at Vernon BP gas station in Edina.

Minnesota takes in millions each year from tobacco, but where does the money go?

All rolled up, taxes on every tobacco product in the state since 1957 total $11.75 billion. A reader wants to know what happens to the money.
Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan's daughter Siobhan Hellendrung presented Paul Kvistad, president of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, with a coloring
Curious Minnesota

Why doesn't Minnesota's governor pardon the ceremonial turkey?

November 27
Iowa pardons a turkey. So does North Dakota. And President Trump pardoned two, named Bread and Butter. But Minnesota's ceremonial turkey is destined for a needy family's table.
The White Bear Township water tower is seen from Bald Eagle Lake Recreation Area. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Bald Eagle Lake Recreation Area, part of Bal
Curious Minnesota

Why are there so many water towers in Minnesota — and what do they do?

November 22
Some cities — usually large ones — don't use water towers, but they are an unmistakable part of the Minnesota landscape. What do they do and why do we have so many of them?
Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs scored a 61-yard touchdown to win the game. Minnesota beat New Orleans by a final score of 29-24. ] CARLOS GONZALEZ ¥ c
Curious Minnesota

Who are all those people hanging out on sidelines during Vikings games?

November 15
Accounting for the full perimeter of the field during a Vikings' home game, there are roughly 300 people with their feet on the turf. But who are they all?
The Wild's Marcus Foligno threw a punch at New York Rangers' Brendan Lemieux during a game last March in St. Paul.
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Why isn't it a crime to punch someone if you're playing pro hockey?

November 8
Players have been charged for NHL fights, including one notorious Minnesota incident in 1975, but those cases are the exception. Why aren't hockey fights considered assault?
June 3, 1954 Great Northern Railway's first Empire Builder, which entered service in 1929, is shown on the Stone Arch Bridge crossing the Mississippi
Curious Minnesota

Why does the Stone Arch Bridge cross the Mississippi at such an odd angle?

November 2
Older than most historic buildings still standing in the Twin Cities, the 136-year-old bridge has long been Minneapolis' de facto welcome mat. But why was it built the way it was, with such a long angle?
Goldy Gopher at the new TCF Bank Stadium on the U of M campus.
Curious Minnesota

How did Minnesota become the Gopher State?

October 25
It appears Minnesotans have been misled about their beloved gophers. We try to unravel the gopher mystery.
Curious Minnesota

Podcast: Where does 'Minnesota Nice' come from, and what does the label even mean?

December 5
Tracing the roots of "Minnesota Nice" is difficult, partly because people don't agree on what the term means.
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