The Bison at Blue Mounds State Park wallow in a dust bowl to keep cool and rid themselves of pesky bugs during the hot summer months. ] Minnesota Stat

When did wild bison disappear from Minnesota?

Once on the verge of extinction, the American bison is no longer an endangered species. Minnesotans can now visit the iconic animal in three locations around the state
Brave runner Keith Golke of Minneapolis resembles an icicle while jogging around Lake Calhoun Tuesday morning on the coldest day in Minnesota since 20
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Does Minnesota really have the worst winters in the country?

February 10
The land of 10,000 (frozen) lakes has a nationwide reputation for brutal, relentless winters. But are they the worst in the United States?
Judy Henderson, of Greenville, North Carolina, showed her Gophers spirit as she waited for Tuesday night's News Year's Eve parade to start. "This is s
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What does Ski-U-Mah mean and how do you pronounce it?

February 2
It's part of the popular fight song for the University of Minnesota, but many students and alumni don't know a whole lot about the history of the phrase.
Minneapolis - U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone enthusiastically addresses the delegates to the state DFL convention from the floor of the Minneapolis Conve
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Why is Minnesota's Democratic Party called the DFL?

January 25
"If you look at Minnesota's political history, a lot of people call us the 'Maverick State' just because we never were really Republican or Democrat," Brian Pease said.
Raising the Midsommar pole at the American Swedish Institute
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Is Minnesota actually more German than Scandinavian?

January 17
A reader wants to know: Why do Scandinavians get all the attention when there are more Minnesotans of German descent?
Older than most historic buildings still standing in the Twin Cities, the 136-year-old Stone Arch Bridge bridge has long been Minneapolis' de facto we
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January 16
Our new Curious Minnesota podcast answers your questions about "Minnesota Nice," the Stone Arch Bridge and beyond. Tell us what questions you want answered.
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Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

February 13
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
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Why are felons stripped of voting rights, and what other rights do they lose?

January 10
Minnesota passed disenfranchisement of felons with statehood in 1858, but the practice didn't become commonplace nationally until after the Civil War — when newly emancipated African-Americans gained the right to vote.
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Where did the idea for Minneapolis' skyways come from?

February 11
Love them or hate them, the skyways have permanently changed the way pedestrians get around downtown Minneapolis. Host Eric Roper talks with reporter Emma Dill about how the idea of the elevated walkway system originated. Read the story: