New University students cheered before the Convocation, the official welcome ceremony for incoming freshmen, at Mariucci Arena, Thursday, August 29, 2

Why is it so much harder for U students to graduate debt free compared to the '60s?

Fall college tuition bills are coming due, and if the number behind that dollar sign seems high, well, it is.
Racial covenants, which barred non-whites from buying homes in certain areas, and unfair lending practices helped create a persistent racial gap in Mi
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How did Minnesota become one of the most racially inequitable states?

September 6
By almost any measurement, Minnesota is plagued by racial disparities — in unemployment, in poverty, in homeownership. Readers want to know what's behind the inequities.
FILE ART For Northern Lights Project -
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What's the best place, time to see the northern lights in Minnesota?

September 3
Although the lights can be seen any time of year, spring and fall, especially September and March, are the best chances to see the northern lights in Minnesota.
Lorraine Robitaille, right, handed Margarita Nunez a large stuffed dog as they hung prizes at their game stand in the Midway the day before opening da
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Nearly $60M flowed into State Fair coffers last year. Where did it go?

August 23
We asked what State Fair facts you were curious about, and several readers have done the math and want to know what happens to all that dough.
A Chinese ban on accepting American recyclables is having a ripple effect in Minnesota, where the price of recycled goods has imploded. The economics
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How much of what we think we're recycling is actually getting recycled?

August 17
One reader wants to know what percent of Twin Cities sorted recyclables are actually recycled. Another wondered whether most of it is just sent to the dump. We get to the bottom of both questions.
David Lester, a Vikings fan from Phoenix, AZ, went shirtless for much of the game. ] JEFF WHEELER • The Vikings lost 38
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We call Wisconsinites cheeseheads. What do they call us?

August 12
There have been some mostly halfhearted attempts to label Minnesotans over the years, mostly in reference to its sports teams.
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Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

August 6
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
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Playing favorites: What's the story behind the Twins' game jersey picks?

September 20
Pitchers generally pick the game jerseys worn for home games, but each one goes about the selection process differently.
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What makes a manhole cover go airborne during storms?

August 12
Urban "geysers" are rare. But they do happen. We get to the bottom of what makes manhole covers dance, levitate and, sometimes, explode off storm drains.