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How did these 11 Minnesota towns get their unusual names?

From Climax to Nimrod, Embarrass to Nowthen, we get to the root of some of Minnesota's most unusual place names.
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Why is 'southeast' Mpls. actually northeast of downtown?

July 13
The area considered southeast Minneapolis actually sits, from a bird's eye view, in the top-right quadrant of the city and north of I-94, which many consider the city's unofficial north-south divider.
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Curious Minnesota

Sorry, but why do Minnesotans say 'ope' all the time?

July 5
Have you ever bumped into someone and uttered this phrase? Chances are you're from the Midwest.
The sun rises over Duluth harbor as seen from Skyline Parkway, a perennial favorite view for sightseers.
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Is Duluth the most inland seaport in North America?

June 28
The Port of Duluth-Superior serves as a transportation epicenter, connecting railroads and interstates with the marine "highway" used to ferry millions of tons of cargo around the world.
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How did the Twin Cities become a hub for Somali immigrants?

June 21
The state has 52,333 people who report Somali ancestry — the largest concentration in America. How they ended up in the Upper Midwest is a combination of available jobs and a generally welcoming populace.
A 1910 postcard of the Foreman Double Mansion at the southeast corner of 23rd Street and Park Avenue. It was built in 1888 and demolished in 1953.
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Why was Minneapolis' mansion street destroyed, but St. Paul's survived?

June 14
At its peak, about 36 mansions lined Park from Franklin Avenue to 28th Street, once known as the "Golden Mile." Most of them were owned by boldface families of the era. Now, just a handful of the mansions remain.
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Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

June 26
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
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Why won't anyone in Minnesota take the last piece of food?

June 10
Who hasn't seen the last doughnut at the office cut in half, then halved again and again, until only a sliver is sitting on the plate? Is it Minnesota Nice at play, basic courtesy or something else?
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Why is the Minnesota Legislature's session so short?

June 3
The perennial end-of-session scramble raised a question for one reader: "They never get anything done, so why not extend it out and give them more time to get it done?"
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