Noor trial reveals deep fracture between Mpls. police, County Attorney's Office

Experienced attorneys say they have never seen such deep conflict between a law enforcement agency and prosecutor revealed in a Minnesota courtroom.
Goldfish, a carp native to Asia, feed on lake bottoms, stirring up plants and sediment, which can increase algae growth.

Thousands of invasive goldfish pack chain of Chaska lakes

Attorney General William Barr testifies before a subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee about the Justice Department’s 2020 budget requ
Melissa Lyttle, New York Times
Attorney General William Barr reviewed the evidence and decided that President Trump had not obstructed justice.

Legal dispute between Mueller, Barr drove end of investigation

When Robert Mueller presented his findings without reaching a decision about President Trump and obstruction of justice, Attorney General William Barr decided that Trump had not. The legal disagreement opens the door to further political fights over presidential power.
Outrage in the MIAC over football? Nothing new, Patrick Reusse writes: Long before the budding brouhaha over St. Thomas and coach Glenn Caruso, at rig

Reusse: MIAC issue is 'about football' and that's nothing new

Matthew Hurt of Rochester John Marshall, one of the top senior basketball recruits in the nation, tips his Duke hat after announcing his college plans

Hurt chose Duke after Jones decided to stay: 'That was the ice-breaker'

A container of Icelandic Provisions Skyr blueberry yogurt.

Icelandic eclipses Greek as the new hot yogurt trend

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Hudda Ibrahim chatted with fellow residents at the St. Cloud Public Library.

St. Cloud teacher counters hate with sambusas and Somali tea

Somali refugee Hudda Ibrahim created the grassroots effort for people to ask frank questions and have civil conversation.
According to a large genetic study released on Thursday, April 4, 2019, drinking alcohol raises the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, debunking

Study challenges health benefits of moderate drinking


Legacies of Vietnam: Let us help the continuing victims of Agent Orange

My husband, a Vietnam vet who was exposed to Agent Orange and died in 2006, dedicated his benefits to aid an affected group that got scant help: people in Vietnam. Now, the U.S. is stepping up, too.