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Jeff Strickler is the assistant features editor for the Star Tribune. He has spent most of his career working for the Variety section, including reviewing movies and covering religion. Now he leads a team of a reporters who cover entertainment and lifestyle issues.

A native of New York City, Strickler studied journalism with a minor in theater at the then-College of St. Thomas (now University) in St. Paul. He and his wife have lived in St. Louis Park for 35 years — albeit in four different places over that time — where they raised their two daughters.
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Paul Dickinson in the Minneapolis-filmed “Lake Street Detective.”

Minnesota is ready for its closeup in festival of locally shot films at Parkway

Cinema Minneapolis features two nights of indie films that were shot here or were made by filmmakers from here.
"In all of our lives, there is something positive that we can find,” says Mary Jo Kreitzer, founder and director of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Sp

How 'an attitude of gratitude' can improve your life

Proponents of counting your blessings say not only is it easy, it works.
Liam Neeson and Viola Davis.

Hollywood goes big with these 9 holiday movie hopefuls

Filmmakers wrap up 2018 with a push for Oscar nominations and box-office bonanzas.

OK, so Minnesotans are cranky – wanna make something of it?

In a state-by-state comparison of what medical symptoms people google, Minnesotans focus on irritability. (Don't even ask about Wisconsin.)
The production of acorns is cyclical, with a larger-than-usual crop turning up every two to five years.

Why Minnesota's oak trees are going squirrelly with acorns

The oak trees are literally going nuts this fall, with some of them producing up to 10 times their normal output.
Preparations are being made in England for the wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A Minnesotan's guide to watching the royal wedding

A list of odds and sods to make it appear that you know your onions.
Author Stephen King attends the Book Expo 2017 event held at the Jacob Javits Center on June 1, 2017 in New York City.

Stephen King's new mystery is a bait and switch

FICTION: "The Outsider" is sort of two books in one. Either one alone would have been more satisfying.
Most nominations: “The Shape of Water” picked up 13 nominations, “Dunkirk landed eight and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” got s

Oscar nominations reflect a new era in Hollywood as women get their due

Stories by and about women stake their claim to Academy Award nominations.
What do you call your honey bunny?

Bae, sweetie, darling: How gushy pet names help strengthen relationships

The language of love is gooey, but those cutesy names can help you stick together.
Barbara Carlson has received a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Family and friends threw her a party Saturday at the University Club in St. Pau . Here, Ca

Facing death, Barbara Carlson is living it up

After learning she has terminal cancer, she threw herself a going-away party while still healthy enough to enjoy it.
Climatologist Mark Seeley recalled the morning after the 1991 Halloween blizzard when he hiked to the U’s weather station and found only the instrum

After 40 years, Minnesota's weather man Mark Seeley still not coming in from cold

Since 1978, the U's go-to guy has weathered the climatological storm.
LARK Toys, the quaint but immense toy store in Kellogg, Minn. Part of the Magazine's gift guide. Here, Scott Gray Burlingame the shop where he works o

Massive toy store in tiny Minnesota town beckons nostalgia seekers from around the state

LARK Toys in Kellogg, Minn., offers thousands of nostalgic toys in a Santa's workshop setting.
Runners of all ages participated in the Twin Cities Marathon and 10-mile races.

Sign of the times: Minnesota marathoners rank better with age

In a state-by-state breakdown of how marathoners rank, Minnesotans steadily move up the list as we age.
Barbara Carlson now lives in a 650-square-foot income-based apartment furnished with finds scored on the last day of estate sales, when prices drop.

Minneapolis' effervescent Barbara Carlson shares her cautionary riches-to-rags tale

Politician and gadfly Barbara Carlson once lived a life as large as her personality. Now she's trying to keep other women from going broke like she did.
Cornered British troops on the beach at Dunkirk, France, await evacuation across the English Channel in “Dunkirk.”

Director Christopher Nolan turns defeat at 'Dunkirk' into a cinematic triumph

REVIEW: This ferocious depiction of the World War II beachfront battle will awe some viewers and alienate others — for the same basic reasons.
We can't seem to pick up the pace.

Why the average American runner 'has never been slower'

Except for elites, data show steady increase in race times across board over 20 years.
John Grisham Photo by Billy Hunt

REVIEW: 'Camino Island,' by John Grisham

FICTION: Fitzgerald manuscripts disappear in John Grisham's latest mystery — which is really all about writing.
Bacon isn’t going to disappear; if anything, it’s just going to get harder to find — and, by extension — more expensive.

Are we on the brink of a bacon shortage? Depends on whom you ask

There's a bacon crisis looming on the horizon, the USDA warned. The country's bacon reserves are at the lowest point they've been since December 1957.
"Snowblind" by Ragnar Jonasson

Review: 'Snowblind,' by Ragnar Jonasson

FICTION: This murder mystery set in a small Icelandic town takes a page from "Murder on the Orient Express."
This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Denzel Washington, left, and Viola Davis in a scene from, "Fences." Adapting Wilsonís masterpiece has

Oscars so inclusive: This year's list sets a record for nominees of color

While "La La Land" emerged as a big favorite, diversity is on the dance card, too, with seven of the 20 acting nominees being people of color.
Care Providers of Minnesota volunteer of the year Dick Schirmacher with “DQ buddy” Tony Hightower at Good Samaritan Society in Robbinsdale.

Minnesota volunteer and his 'DQ buddy' share a sweet bond

The Care Providers of Minnesota volunteer of the year has formed a special bond with a resident at the Good Samaritan Society in Robbinsdale.
Louise Spencer, 92, drove a semitrailer truck – and became a legend in her assisted-living home. “It’s never too late to accomplish a dream.”

At 92, St. Anthony woman fulfills 'dream' of driving a semi

Six months past cancer surgery and nine days shy of her 92nd birthday, Louise Spencer pushed her walker up to the door of the 18-wheeler. She was crossing an item off her bucket list — driving a semi.
Ben Utecht and wife Karyn at home in Lakeville with their daughters Elleora, 7; Haven, 1, and Amy and Kate, both 5. Ben, who played for the Minnesota

After concussions, ex-Gophers football star Ben Utecht fights not to forget

With new concussion treatment, Minnesota football star Ben Utecht is determined to remember what's most important: his family.
John Sandford Photo by Beowulf Sheehan

Review: 'Escape Clause,' by John Sandford

FICTION: The latest Virgil Flowers mystery takes a while to hit its stride.
While volunteering to drive fellow senior citizens to appointments, Bill Rasmussen also provides entertainment in the form of Frank Sinatra classics,

Car karaoke en route to care: St. Paul man sings Sinatra while chauffering seniors

"Going to see a doctor or dentist isn't always the most pleasant experience. The music puts them at ease."
The former Walker Library has seen many uses.

Century-old Walker Library gets a new chapter

Century-old Uptown landmark continues to find new life 35 years after it supposedly was closed.
Versatile facility: U.S. Bank Stadium’s field can be set up to host a soccer game (top) — the first event is a match between A.C. Milan and Chelse

U.S. Bank Stadium isn't just for football

From baseball to weddings, rock concerts to roller blading, the new facility is going to get a workout.
Minneapolis salon owner Jon Richards spent more than six hours giving Melissa Lallak hair extensions after she completed chemotherapy treatments.

Minneapolis hairstylist helps cancer survivors 'feel stronger'

Jon Richards specializes in attaching hair extensions to clients who've undergone chemotherapy and been told their hair can't handle the process.
Mike Cohn rehearsed “I Am Light,” a dance he choreographed for his troupe’s upcoming show, “My Body Works,” at the Cowles Center.

Minnesota dancer Mike Cohn leaps past disabilities

New troupe I Can Dance You Can Dance aims to show "dance is possible for anybody at any age."
After a Minnesota winter, your bike needs TLC.

How to get you and your bike ready to hit the road

What: The first day of spring is a great time to get your bicycle ready for the upcoming riding season. It needs a little TLC…
From his Bloomington “office,” Bridging’s Fran Heitzman welcomed donations.

For Bridging founder Fran Heitzman, helping those in need is in his genes

Twin Cities nonprofit helps provide home furnishings for more than 100 families a week.
For lawyers, Feb. 29 is ripe with the opportunity to make some unusual judicial hay.

Lawyers love to leap on Feb. 29 arguments

The year's extra day spurs creative legal maneuvering.
CT scans of these two mummies on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota revealed a young sister and brother who died approximately 300 BC.

Science Museum exhibit brings mummies into the 21st century

Cutting-edge technology lets visitors see ancient remains as clearly as researchers can.
A dancer who goes by the stage name, Maria Talian, performed in the novice competition Saturday.

Pole dancing outstrips its sleazy stigma with Twin Cities tournament

The mere mention of the term pole dancing still draws more than its share of snickers from the uninitiated who associate it with strip clubs. But it has become one of the fastest-growing exercise regimens.

Watch what you eat – literally

The principle is that if we sit in front of a mirror watching ourselves stuff food into our mouths, we will eat less junk food and more fruits and vegetables.

Marriage proposals are still a guy thing

Gender-based role expectations have changed a lot over the past 50 years. But one thing remains the same: Women still expect the man to be the one who proposes.

Curses! It turns out we were wrong about cussing

The long-held belief that people who curse a lot do so because they have a limited vocabulary has been refuted.It turns out that people who…
The home of a hoarder

Five dating turnoffs, for men and women

When you're getting ready for a date, make sure it gets off on the right foot. Ladies, straighten up your apartment — or at least the part of it that your date can see from the front door when he picks you up. And guys, look industrious.
HORMEL BACON 1 Perfectly Cooked Bacon is a new food service product from Hormel. ] GLEN STUBBE * Tuesday September 15, 2015 Ta

For some people, it's OK again to bring home the bacon

Bacon lovers were sizzling after the World Health Organization issued its recent warning that bacon, sausage and other processed meats may cause cancer. But faster…
Based on Google’s searches, you’re more likely to run into Leonardo da Vinci than Batman while trick or treating in the Twin Cities. Star Tribune

Twin Cities gives a big 'huzzah!' to Halloween

We've never been overly concerned about being a little behind the sartorial times, but five centuries? That's a stretch even by our plaid flannel shirt standards.
A new study says standing desks are no better for you than a desk at which you sit.

Stand up and cheer: sitting is OK again

Pull up a chair and check out the newest research on sitting: Turns out that it's not going to kill you, after all.
Higher cost doesn’t always mean higher satisfaction when it comes to running shoes.

Ultra-expensive running shoes aren't worth the price

Before you start lacing up for the big race, there's something you should know: The old adage about getting what you pay for doesn't always apply to running shoes. In fact, the opposite often is the case.
Playwright J.B. Eckert worked with the cast of “Pirates of Harrison Bay.”

Twin Cities seniors with memory loss will perform radio play

Radio play at Old Log is believed to be first with a cast made up of seniors with memory problems.
Milkweed pods are essential in keeping the monarch butterfly population growing.

You can milk these pods to help butterflies (and make a little cash)

Minnesota Native Landscapes, a supplier of native seeds and plants, is offering a bounty on milkweed pods.
Focusing on good mental habits can keep our minds sharp as we age.

Think your brain is doomed to senility? Think again

Focusing on good mental habits can keep our minds sharp as we age.
Classic front entrances, like the one at Temple Israel, have fallen out of favor.

Whatever happened to front entrances to our buildings?

The reorganization of our lives around automobiles – and the parking lots they necessitate – has turned us into a back-door society.
Don Loegering, 93, became a member of the Basilica of St. Mary congregation in 1936 and has photographed it for decades. Fifty of his photos are on di

Minneapolis native might be the last Renaissance man

From fighter pilot to Peace Corps volunteer, prosecutor to professional singer, Twin Cities photographer finds life is a series of adventures.
The Cowling Arboretum is a popular attraction in Northfield. It features a 15-mile trail system that is considered one of the top spots for running an

Day trip: Take a walk on the mild side in Northfield

Northfield has manged to embrace its history without turning its back on the 21st century. One of the first things you notice is that the place smells like your grandmother's kitchen.
Sophia Korman, 7, reacted as her dad, Mike, fixed her hair in a ponytail during the class at Kids Hair.

Minnesota fathers get a crash course in Hairstyling 101

Mike Korman spent 25 years in the Navy, including four combat deployments. Still, he admitted that he was scared: "This really intimidates me." The source of his terror? His 7-year-old daughter Sophia's hair.
Central Lutheran’s restored bell tower holds 47 bells, top, that are connected to the keys — called batons — of a carillon that sits directly be

Team of Twin Cities aficionados works to get church bells ringing again

A growing number of Twin Cities advocates are reviving long dormant church bells, to ring out the "heartbeat of the city."
Runners are given a free post-race beer ticket.

Minnesota running series is booming by offering a beer chaser

"5K-ish" runs tap into the craft brewery boom by pairing neighborhood jogs with local beers.
Jordan is a small city in Scott County.

Day trip: Jordan is much more than you see from the highway

Just a few blocks off Hwy. 169, Jordan is nestled along the Minnesota River. While the residential streets have a suburban feel — this town of 6,000 is just a half-hour commute from Minneapolis — the downtown evokes a quaint, turn-of-the-century small town.
The alpacas are shorn once a year when temperatures start to rise. “Their fleece is seven times warmer than wool,” farmer Ruth Kinkade said.

Retired Realtor finds a home raising gentle – and humming – alpacas

The animals — 18 alpacas as well as "horses, a dog, cats and one giant macaw" — are the Abbey's Little Brothers and Sisters.
Megan Mitchell, a Vikings fan from Denver, adjusted her hat Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field in Chicago. ] JEFF WHEELER • jeff.wheeler@startrib

Study: Vikings fans have terrible grammar

Online proofreading service Grammarly says Vikings fans rank 26th out of 32 NFL fan bases when it comes to grammar.

Vikings fans aren't scoring many points for grammar

We Vikings fans don't express us selves so good. In online fan postings for NFL teams, our grammar stinked and our spelling was abismal ……
Boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, and Manny Pacquiao, of the Philippines, pose for photos after a news conference, Wednesday, March 11, 2015, in Los

5 reasons for and against paying attention to Mayweather-Pacquiao bout

Five reasons for and against paying attention to the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout.
Elliott Royce is not your typical 96-year-old.

If you're getting older, you'd better learn how to fall

Elliott Royce estimates that he has fallen down at least 15,000 times over the past 10 years.Royce, who is turning 96, falls on purpose at…
Molly Vergin sprinted along a line of volunteers at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, slapping each person’s hand in an attempt to set a world record

White Bear Lake leukemia patient races to set record for high-fiving

A determined young leukemia patient races to set the world record for high-fiving.
Baby boomers should not have survived childhood (studies show)

Baby boomers should not have survived childhood (studies show)

No helmets or seat belts? They spent their days immersed in activities that they'd never for a second allow their children or grandchildren do. Or even think about doing.
Judah Nataf, who makes the two vegetarian soupls daily, does a taste test of the lentil herb soup before lunch customers come in at the Soup for You!

Church program offers hot soup, warm welcome

A chef who once spent a year living under the Franklin Avenue bridge and a hard-charging minister who recently took over a struggling Minneapolis church have joined forces to redefine the soup kitchen.
This is the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda. (AP Photo) ORG XMIT: APHS153444

Auto fetishes: The cars we fell in love with

Cars used to be seen as extensions of our personalities. You could tell what sort of a person someone was — or wanted to be — by the car they drove.

Art in Bloom: Same name but two different shows

If you plan to go to the Art in Bloom show this year, make sure you end up going to the right one. There will…

Scientist's latte helps with breakthrough on fuel spills

A scientist’s morning latte has led to a potential new way to minimize fuel spills. Emilie Dressaire, a mechanical engineer at New York University’s Polytechnic…
Rebecca Seibel, competitive tree climber, in a bur oak pruning deadwood. ] credit: Steve Palmer

Competitive tree climber is headed to the top

One of the first female arborists in the state is on her way to an international tournament.

Ikea furniture to include wireless phone recharging

Ikea costumers should get a charge out of the Swedish company's new line of furniture.Literally get a charge — as in for their smartphones and…
Joanne Hart took a cue from her daughter, Naomi Hart, during a Giving Voice rehearsal at MacPhail Center in Minneapolis. The chorus is open to Alzheim

Alzheimer's chorus specializes in songs to remember

A choir for people facing Alzheimer's taps into music's power to circumvent memory loss.
Elliott Royce, 95, demonstrated how to fall to a group of seniors at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park. “The secret to falling saf

95-year-old shares tricks of safe falling

Elliott Royce takes practice falls at least five times every morning. He doesn't just practice; he preaches, too. He goes to assisted living centers, senior centers and community centers to talk about how to prevent serious injuries if you take a tumble.
Write? On paper? Summer camp letters are an oddity in digital world

Write? On paper? Summer camp letters are an oddity in digital world

Most summer camps frown on — if not outright ban — all forms of electronic communication. They do, however, encourage the campers to communicate with their parents. With letters. Written by hand. Sent by mail. What is this, the Dark Ages?
Matt Boos of Wathena, Kan, scored the winning ride aboard his 2,000-pound bull at the World’s Toughest Rodeo held last weekend at the Xcel Energy Ce

Professional rodeo cowboys aren't just horsing around

Modern-day cowboys, who consider themselves athletes, not outlaws, take their rodeos seriously.
Jim Bertram, shown on the Beaver Island bike trail in St. Cloud.

St. Cloud pedaling pioneer has been biking in winter for 30 years

The first time Jim Bertram hopped on his bicycle to commute to work in the dead of winter, he didn't have any anti-frosting goggles, polypropylene leggings or extra-wide tires. They didn't exist. That's because the St. Cloud man started biking year-round 30 years ago.
Problem Solver ale.

Danes raise a glass to alcohol-induced ingenuity

A Danish beer maker's marketing campaign capitalizes on a study that found that drinking increases creativity — at least, at first. The effect exists only until the drinker's blood alcohol level reaches 0.075 percent; after that, things start going downhill fast.
The planet Mercury.

With Mercury in retrograde, we can remain blameless

For the next three weeks, no matter what goes wrong, we're off the hook, blame-wise anyway. At 9:54 a.m. Wednesday, Mercury is going into retrograde, a phenomenon during which the planet appears to move backward across the sky. Even more important, according to many astrologists, it also makes things go wrong.
Exhibitors of the Google company work on laptop computers in front of an illuminated sign of the Google logo. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File)

Google this: Do Internet searches mirror our moods?

If you buy the theory that Google searches reflect our moods, then spring and fall -- not winter -- are the times of the year that we're the most miserable.
Andy Dyrdal, 91, a Gophers fan since he was 11, showed off his Gophers memorabilia in his home. He is going to the Citrus Bowl.

Citrus Bowl: 91-year-old is a Gophers fan for the ages

The last time the Gophers played in a New Year's Day bowl game was in 1962, and Andy Dyrdal was there. He'll be in Orlando on Thursday.
Matthew Little

Matthew Little, 92: Tenacious defender of human rights

As the longtime president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, he was on the front lines of the civil rights struggles of the 1960s and '70s, in his own community and beyond.
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