One of those "favorite in each state" surveys generated a lot of raised eyebrows recently when it alleged that the most popular Halloween candy in Minnesota is the Tootsie Pop.

This was surprising news to a lot of Minnesotans who haven't had the urge to bite into a Tootsie Pop since the 1960s. Further confusing the situation was that the survey, released by, an online seller of bulk candy, also questioned our sweet tooth diversity.

The survey listed a first, second and third choice for each state — except Minnesota, where candy corn was listed as both second and third. Apparently we're so stuck in our ways that we can't even think outside the candy box.

But there's no need to take any of this personally. As it turns out, there are multiple "favorite Halloween candy in each state" reports, and they come up with different answers. So, if you don't agree with one of them, simply find another:

The National Retail Federation lists Skittles as Minnesota's No. 1.

Bid on Equipment, which sells the machinery used to make candy (among other things), says Snickers bars are our fave.

And if you want to go with an outlier,, which claims to have its digital finger on the pulse of the nation's social media influencers, came up with the 100 Grand Bar — which, excuse our cynicism, seems even less likely than the Tootsie Pop.