When retired Science Museum of Minnesota executive Mike Day was looking for a narrator for a new Imax film, he turned to a big, "Bad" name: Bryan Cranston. The award-winning star of TV's "Breaking Bad" narrates the new documentary "Ancient Caves," which will have its world premiere at the Science Museum in St. Paul in March.

Day, who has produced more than a dozen Imax films as the museum's vice president and executive producer of the Omnitheater, recently retired from full-time work but stayed on hand to oversee the theater's conversion to digital and to wrap up work on the new film.

Cranston's "narration is superb and a great complement to the voice-over of British paleoclimatologist Gina Moseley, who stars in the film," Day said.

In "Ancient Caves," Moseley and her team travel the world in search of stalagmite samples that reveal clues to the planet's climate history.

The Omnitheater started showing trailers for the film last week.