Guillermo del Toro’s “Tales of Arcadia” trilogy won’t make you forget “Pan’s Labyrinth” or “Hellboy,” but it’s still a terrific animated adventure in which plucky teens team up with underground creatures for a high-risk version of Dungeons & Dragons. The final installment, “Wizards,” isn’t as clever as the past two chapters, leaning way too heavily on the Camelot legend, although the premise does offer the thrill of seeing King Arthur cross swords with a multi-eyed troll.

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The standout stars of “On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries” are CNN reporter Kyung Lah and her assistant Jasmine Wright, who were both assigned to cover Amy Klobuchar during the presidential campaign. Both speak bluntly — and with more than a few curse words — about how challenging it is to be on the political beat, especially for women of color. Their observations and work ethic are so impressive, they may want to consider running for office themselves.

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Something wild

In “Wild Bill,” Rob Lowe plays a hot-tempered police commissioner forced to relocate to Boston — the one in England. It doesn’t take long for the fish-out-of-water to become a Yankee Sherlock Holmes, wrapping up whodunits before tea is served. There’s just enough twists and Brat Pack charm in each episode to justify taking a break from your “Law & Order” marathon.

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New York state of mind

Thirty-one years before the death of George Floyd, an NYC teenager was killed in a racial attack, triggering protests that would impact a mayoral race — and little else. “Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn” looks back at the tragedy through the words of Hawkins’ family members and friends, as well as the man sitting in prison for pulling the trigger. The documentary packs a wallop, especially in the wake of current events.

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Crowded house

If you love “Big Brother” but are afraid to admit it, start boasting instead of getting hooked on “Five Bedrooms,” a scripted drama from Australia about five very different people who impulsively decide to go in on a house together. It doesn’t take long before flirting and fighting rule the roost. The accents and top-notch acting help disguise the fact that you’re watching a trashy soap.

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