Selfie Toaster
$70 for toaster and photo plate

Your face burned on a piece of toast

Forget the fictitious selfie shoe when you can get the Selfie Toaster — a device that converts those self-portraits, or any picture, really, into an image on toasted bread.

The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp., which started out offering toasters that transferred images of Jesus and a peace sign onto browned bread, saw its sales shoot up 1,000 percent since it began offering the Selfie Toaster last May, said Galen Dively, owner and chief executive. The appliances are now in Hammacher Schlemmer and soon to be in Bed Bath & Beyond, he said.

Twenty-five dollars buys the toaster. It costs $45 more for the company to custom-make sheet metal plate stencils out of the photos customers submit, Dively said.

The plates work like a negative, with the open parts allowing the heat to darken the bread. The most workable pictures are those with good lighting that haven't been run through any filters, he said. Discounts are offered for customers who order more than one plate.


TAP-R2 Wi-Fi router

Router supports Wi-Fi, smart TVs

As people switch to iPads from laptops, wireless routers have had to change. Some tasks required a computer and can't be done on the iPad. As a result, companies have been introducing touch screen routers.

For example, all configurations can be done on Amped Wireless' TAP-R2 High Power Touch Screen AC750 Wi-Fi Router's 3.5-inch display.

The TAP-R2 is a high-powered router, which Amped Wireless says provides three times the range for larger homes or offices. The power comes from six internal broadcast amplifiers and reception amplifiers and a detachable dual-band high gain antenna.

The TAP-R2 supports all 802.11 variations, including 802.11ac, which is the fastest Wi-Fi available today. There is one USB port on the router, as well as two Ethernet ports for gaming consoles or smart TVs.

The router offers Wi-Fi coverage control, which lets the administrator adjust the power to limit the distance if you'd like the network not to extend beyond your home or yard.