Updated at 3:08 p.m.

A debate debacle in the Sixth District may be reaching an end.

Here is what is certain: There will be three debates between Rep. Michele Bachmann, her DFL challenger Tarryl Clark and Independence Party candidate Bob Anderson.

Clark accepted five debate invitations this morning and urged Bachmann to do the same. Bachmann responded later in the day with three confirmations.

Clark's campaign noted that one debate has already been canceled because Bachmann did not confirm. Based on past schedules, that looks to be a September 25 KSTP/League of Women Voters debate.

Bachmann's campaign agreed to the following debates (starting a week before Election Day): 

  • October 26th: Chamber Of Commerce, St. Cloud
  • October 28th: Minnesota Public Radio, Midday with Gary Eichten
  • October 31st: KSTP, At Issue with Tom Hauser


"Congresswoman Bachmann is eager to highlight the vast differences between her and her opponent," said Bachmann spokester Sergio Gor. "Voters deserve a clear picture of the candidates; instead Clark for Congress has only offered gimmicks and rhetoric."

Clark's campaign only learned of the MPR debate today, but will be accepting the invite, said spokeswoman Carrie Lucking. In a statement, they expressed dismay Bachmann did not accept more invites.

"Holding three debates in the last few days of the campaign - only one of which is actually in the 6th District, and none of which members of the public at large are able to attend - is simply insufficient," said Clark campaign manager Zach Rodvold in a statement.

Here are the five debates Clark is attending (on top of the MPR debate):

  • October 12th: Debate hosted by the Stillwater Gazette, Stillwater
  • October 15th: Debate hosted by North Metro Television, Blaine
  • October 18th: Debate hosted by the Monticello Chamber of Commerce, Monticello
  • October 26th: Debate hosted by the Minnesota News Network, St. Cloud
  • October 31st: At Issue, KSTP Studios


Independence Party candidate Bob Anderson's spokesman Steve Laitinen said they were also confirmed for the same five debates.

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