Here are three weekend ponderables.

Among the 150 or so comments about postseason bullpen construction, the commenter BillyHeywood offered this point. I'm not on board, but it's certainly worth considering.

"I'm sorry Howard, but you are missing the point. The predictive validity of Mijares' splits this season aside, there are opposing batters, such as Curtis Granderson, that must be forced to face lefties as often as humanly possible. Granderson mashes right handed pitching, but has an OPS only about one hundred and twenty points higher than Drew Butera against lefties, which is terrible. Managers do often go overboard with matchups (Gardy especially), but there are certain situations where you gain a massive advantage by bringing in a pitcher who throws from one side or the other."

Under normal circumstances, I agree 100 percent. I'm just not liking the lefty options.

And if/when the Twins play the Yankees, Granderson's time should be minimized by having lefties Liriano and Duensing in the rotation. Also, Granderson is 0-for-6 and a walk in seven pinch-hitting appearances. (Yes, Joe Mauer has the same numbers.) Granderson's also 5-for-24, all singles, as a pinch hitter in his career.

In other words, right now I'm fearing Mijares on the mound more than Granderson coming off the bench. I hope Mijares can make me change my mind.

The blog "World of B" offered up a point-by-point takedown of my Delmon Young post from last week. Big B's arguments don't sway me but I'm in kind of a sharing mood. (Also, there's more stuff on the blog that's worth a read.)

And finally. If the Vikings pulled someone midgame and Brad Childress claimed a tummyache afterward, would you believe him? And having a second player leave the field would make me that much more skeptical. The Twins may not do full disclosure, but at least they aren't liars.

So glad I'm not a football blogger.


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