Remember this ole thing?

Minnesotans have filled old-fashioned phone line with positive messages for 25 years

With the Ideas for Positive Living line, volunteers transport callers back to a simpler time.
Hmong College Prep Academy band director Roy Pienaar played a baritone that had been donated through Caitlin Marlotte's, right, nonprofit Vega (an org

Minnesota nonprofit, technical college make instruments affordable for young musicians

Playing an instrument is an expensive endeavor, but help is on the way for families that have a tough time finding the $20 to $40 a month in their budget for rental fees.
Friends of Karen Mulhauser go through decades of political memorabilia at her downsizing party on Capitol Hill.

Couple finds novel way to downsize after 45 years in the same house

Preparing to move after several decades, the couple throws a party to give their stuff away.
Fredric J. Friedberg, a retired attorney, once owned more than 700 Illinois Watch Co. timepieces.

Art Deco designs inspired Fredric J. Friedberg to be master of little-known Illinois watches

Though not a household name like Rolex, Illinois was once at the vanguard of a vibrant American watchmaking industry.
Lori Wood and Jonathan Pinkard at Wood’s home in Hogansville, Ga., where Pinkard recovered from heart transplant surgery.

Nurse 'adopts' homeless man she just met so he can get a heart transplant

The 27-year-old man desperately needed a heart transplant, but he did not have a support system to help care for him after a transplant.

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