The Kindness Club with Matt Greenhoe, top left, and Ashley Justen, right.

Elk River fifth-graders combat bullying by adding kindness to the curriculum

Elementary school kids start their own club to stymie bullying and promote kindness.
Former student project manager and current mentor Griffin Peck shows the heating pipes that take advantage of the excess steam from the Minnesota Zoo,

Students at Apple Valley's School of Environmental Studies win gold for green

May 25
The school is believed to be the first in the world to be certified under LEED 4.1 as an existing building — trickier to accomplish than for buildings certified under new construction.
Mary Latham, right, was especially moved by the story of Julie Dombo, of Kansas, a shooting victim who received mechanical limbs from a stranger. Domb

A quest to collect stories of kindness has driven her to 39 states (and counting)

May 25
Mary Latham's remarkable cross-country road trip collecting stories of kindness in every state, including Minnesota, will be turned into a book.
Don Sergent’s recipe for chili and beans, handwritten by Debra Brown.

For California fire survivors, handwritten recipes offer bittersweet taste of home

May 23
For survivors of the Camp Fire in Calif., handwritten recipes offer taste of home.
Greg Weinman in his Crofton, MD., basement on May 2, 2019, with the newspapers he and his grandfather collected for decades. He will give away the bel

Extra, extra! Historical newspapers are free to all, but few want them

May 23
Interest wanes for preserved print editions chronicling world events.

Gifted with diabetic alert dog, 10-year-old pays it forward for another girl

May 23
After getting a diabetic alert dog, 10-year-old duplicates the gesture.

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University of St. Thomas students develop Brussels sprouts trimmer for Hmong farmers

May 23
The device will save time harvesting the crop and make it financially viable.
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Minn. student will graduate with high school diploma — and nursing degree

May 17
For Melinda Kassandra Lopez, this is only the next step in a long-term plan of becoming a sub-specialist in pediatric surgical gynecology.
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