Big Year leader now at 771 NA bird species for 2016

The former record was 749

Birds left out of Presidential candidate debates

October 22
Important to birds, important to us

Songbird habitat program: thank pheasants

October 18
Grassland offers protective cover and nesting opportunities
October 12

Oct. 16 is National Feral Cat Day (really)

Take a feral cat to lunch, and then never let it outside again
October 11

Former Minnesota birder has big birding numbers for Central America

Country by country, and overall
October 6

The Big Year is becoming a huge year

Current leader has 765 species, with two provisional
October 4

Carbon dioxide reading for Oct. 3 was 401.01 ppm

We can expect to never again see an atmospheric reading below 400
October 1

Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pine Siskins, and redpolls

They are likely feeder visitors here this winter.
September 29

About that beautiful Sharp-tail photo in Wednesday's StarTrib

Credit for the photo belongs to Roy Zimmerman of Maplewood
September 24

Rare bird getting attention in Carver County

This Sharp-tailed Sandpiper should be heading for Australia right now
September 21

Big Year record pushed to 763 by Aussie birder

25 days on Bering Sea island for TWO new birds. OMG
Beautiful Gardens
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 19 hours 28 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
September 21

Great new wildlife web site, seabirds in the Arizona desert

Bits and pieces of news from the birding world
September 19

More about those very successful Big Years

Freezing in Duluth? This Big Year guy deserved it
September 12

'Million Dollar Duck' film is on Animal Planet Wednesday evening

The story of the duck stamp, the artists, and the wildlife benefits
September 12

One more time, a Hautman wins federal duck stamp art competition

James Hautman wins for 2017 with painting of Canada Geese
September 7

Birding's Big Years are really big this year -- 760 and counting

Old mark of 749 North American bird species busted twice with six months to go
September 6

Upcoming duck stamp competition artwork is online

Judging of paintings for 2016 stamp will be Sept. 9 and 10.
September 5

Not a gunshot. It was a crow hitting the window

Strange plot point in Western movie
September 3

Today, Saturday Sept 3. is Vulture Awareness Day

Interesting blog on fascinating birds
September 3

A crow flies into a window and dies

Not for real. It was a movie.
September 3

Maybe the best-designed birding field guide ever ....

Of limited use in North America. But, still ....
September 1

Miscellaneous news from the birding world

Short takes on events and issues
August 30

How about feeding dog kibble to the birds?

It's nutritious, with good fat and protein content, and birds like it