Cornell's "Wall of Birds"

Cornell's "Wall of Birds"

Bird art compared to that of Minnesota's Francis Lee Jaques

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radon test

Q&A: should the air exchanger be on or off during a radon test?

July 16
When conducting a short-term radon test, should the air exchanger be running or not? Great question. I've heard it argued both ways.
Home & Garden
July 9

Not A Flamethrower testing on intumescent firestop collars

How effective are intumescent firestop collars? Joe, Matt, and I used a friend's Not A Flamethrower to find out. The testing was fun and enlightening.
Home & Garden
July 2

Inspections to consider when building a new home

There are three types of inspections associated with new-construction homes: pre-drywall inspections, final inspections, and one-year warranty inspections.
Home & Garden
June 25

New construction inspection: trust, but verify.

The homeowner didn't get a home inspection when she purchased the home, because the builder's rep had convinced her of all the myths listed above.
Home & Garden
June 18

Nine ways for water to enter your basement or crawl space

Wondering how that water made it into your crawlspace? Guest post by Murphy Home Inspection explains the most common ways water enters a crawlspace.
Home & Garden
June 11

Reuben's Recommended Reading

I have a hard time remembering all of my favorites, so I put together a list of my most-recommended books. Then I decided to share it here as a blog post.
Home & Garden
June 4

Decks attached through brick veneer

When a deck is attached to brick veneer, something probably went wrong. Today I'll explain why this is an issue and what can be done about it.
Home & Garden
May 28

Non-contact voltage testers: tips and tricks

As a home inspector, I use my non-contact voltage detector for a variety of things, and I'm careful to avoid these pitfalls during home inspections.
Home & Garden
May 21

Introducing the Sense Home Energy Monitor

The Sense home energy monitor is possibly the coolest tool ever invented to track home energy usage. I installed one in my own home about a month ago.
Beautiful Garden contest winners Jim and Sally Strand tend an Asian-inspired garden complete with 23 distinct planting areas in their Plymouth yard. T
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 7 hours 28 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
Home & Garden
May 15
Geese engage in wet, wild fight

Geese engage in wet, wild fight

Resident gander protects his pond
Home & Garden
May 14

Home inspections for first-time home buyers (video post)

This is a 13-minute class on the basics of home inspections for first-time home buyers. What's a home inspection? What happens next? Etc.
Home & Garden
May 8

Nabbing gnats

Palm Warbler, early migrant
Home & Garden
May 7

Hazards with aluminum wiring

Buying a home with aluminum wiring? The seller will probably tell you it's perfectly fine, has never been a problem, and there's nothing to worry about.
Home & Garden
April 30

How to replace a hardwired smoke alarm

Replacing a hardwired smoke alarm is a piece of cake. If you purchase a smoke alarm from the same manufacturer, you might be able to use the same wiring.
Home & Garden
April 23

Which smoke alarm to buy

Shopping for a new smoke alarm? Stop. Don't even go to the store until you know exactly which smoke alarm you want.
Home & Garden
April 16

Bird hikes in Brainerd

Thursdays and Saturdays in May
Home & Garden
April 16

Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota

Carbon monoxide alarms are required for most dwellings in Minnesota, both by Statute and by Rule. Here are the details about most scenarios I can think of.
Home & Garden
April 12
Water too thick to swim, too thin to walk

Water too thick to swim, too thin to walk

Slushy pond is a problem
Home & Garden
April 10

Motherhood in the snow

She on her nest. Gander is standing by
Home & Garden
April 2

Trade tip: make your ladder scratch-free

By applying electrical tape to the portion of my ladder that leans against the gutter, it no longer scratches the gutter. The tape lasts for a long time, and it's easy to replace when needed.
Home & Garden
March 27

Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher's Digest, has died

He was a prolific contributor to the birding world