Snowy Owl predictions stand

Snowy Owl predictions stand

We are waiting for the owls

Collecting bird eggs once was an active hobby

November 22
Called oology, referring to the study of eggs
second inspection

Same house, second inspection... what now?

November 21
What happens when we get a request to inspect a house a second time? This question comes from a thousand other home inspectors.
Home & Garden
November 16

Does a duck's quack echo?

Strange things people believe
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November 14

FLIR ONE Pro: a home inspector's review

I had a chance to test out the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera, which is a $399 mobile phone accessory with the same resolution as the FLIR E6.
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November 9

Snowy Owl reports coming from Wisconsin

Two reports so far in Minnesota
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November 8

State legislators vote on feral-cat control

Four bills pass, five don't
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November 7

Can I join ABS to PVC?

It's possible to join ABS to PVC, but it's only supposed to be done with a mechanical coupling, not glued. For the rest of the story, read on.
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November 6

Winter finches at the feeders

Purple Finches, Pine Siskins
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November 3

Monarch butterflies were lingering far north for late fall

Wind or weather changes?
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November 1

Birding has been good along the North Shore

A list of birds seen last weekend
Beautiful Gardens
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 3 hours 19 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
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November 1

Tundra Swans are heading our way

Sightings reported from South Dakota
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October 31

Pray for snow -- for good photographs

Birds and inclement weather are a good combo
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October 31

Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection photos

No need to go a haunted house attraction for Halloween. Home inspector Reuben Saltzman has photos of attics, basements and crawl spaces that will scare the wits out of you.
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October 28

The redpolls are coming! The redpolls are coming!

Moving down the Lake Superior shore
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October 27

Warmer weather suspected in monarch's delayed migration

One way or the other, these butterflies look to be doomed
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October 27

The pulse of the animal rehab center

Today, Friday, is slow
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October 24

Hey, Minnesota homeowners: Here's your fall maintenance checklist

With freezing temperatures and flurries in the forecast later this week, the clock is ticking on getting your home prepared for a Minnesota winter.
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October 19

Adventures with suet

A fine winter food for birds
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October 17

Skylight leak? No, probably not.

I'm convinced that most moisture issues with skylights are condensation issues that are misdiagnosed as leaks.
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October 16

Have you ever fed pasta to birds?

It's on a list of suggested unusual food
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October 10

Birds of North America, FREE, on-line, Hennepin County library

Best price yet for a fantastic resource
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October 4

There are 55 million U.S. birdwatchers according to FWS survey

And we spend a lot of money!