Duck populations doing very well, numbers up 38%

Habitat good. That's good for non-game species, too

New ABA guide to Minnesota birds belongs with the best

November 25
The author is Laura Erickson of Duluth
hearth extension

The Health Inspector: Fireplace hearth extension rules should not be boring topic

November 22
This blog post is about fireplace hearth extension rules, but first, a quick story to explain why I'm blogging about such a boring topic.
November 18

A guide to everything Arctic, animal or vegetable

New book from Princeton University Press
November 16

Metro birding app -- what a great idea

Denver free app is already on cell phones -- text, photos, maps
November 15

Tundra Swans have arrived, thousands more expected

The birds are resting on Mississippi water near Brownsville
Home & Garden
November 15

The Home Inspector: How good is the $1,500 Corentium Pro radon monitor?

The folks at Airthings recently sent me one of their new NRPP approved Corentium Pro radon monitors to review, which currently retails for $1,499.
November 13

Green Jays, Black Oystercatcher, Brown Pelicans

A good birding day from the comfort of my couch
November 10

News from the world of birds, November

Minnesota refuge given deserved recognition
November 6

Late Rose-breasted Grosbeak seen in Northeast Minneapolis

The bird's migration history and our weather offer an explanation
October 30

$79 per member average contribution. That's a nice number

Minnesota's Ducks Unlimited members did that last year
Beautiful Gardens
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 17 hours 32 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
October 25

Big Year leader now at 771 NA bird species for 2016

The former record was 749
October 22

Birds left out of Presidential candidate debates

Important to birds, important to us
October 18

Songbird habitat program: thank pheasants

Grassland offers protective cover and nesting opportunities
October 12

Oct. 16 is National Feral Cat Day (really)

Take a feral cat to lunch, and then never let it outside again
October 11

Former Minnesota birder has big birding numbers for Central America

Country by country, and overall
October 6

The Big Year is becoming a huge year

Current leader has 765 species, with two provisional
October 4

Carbon dioxide reading for Oct. 3 was 401.01 ppm

We can expect to never again see an atmospheric reading below 400
October 1

Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pine Siskins, and redpolls

They are likely feeder visitors here this winter.
September 29

About that beautiful Sharp-tail photo in Wednesday's StarTrib

Credit for the photo belongs to Roy Zimmerman of Maplewood
September 24

Rare bird getting attention in Carver County

This Sharp-tailed Sandpiper should be heading for Australia right now
September 21

Big Year record pushed to 763 by Aussie birder

25 days on Bering Sea island for TWO new birds. OMG
September 21

Great new wildlife web site, seabirds in the Arizona desert

Bits and pieces of news from the birding world