"Albatross' -- an excellent book on exceptional birds

One of a series of well-done animal profiles

Minnesota wineries are worth the trip.

July 30
Enjoying local wine and vineyard.

Showy leaves save the day when blooms fade

July 29
When I was a kid I didn't know why anyone would grow something that didn't bloom. Now I get it.
July 27

Why are bird nests round?

It's about economy
July 25

First woman, first Hispanic

Now director of US Fish and Wildlife Service
July 24

Carbon dioxide increases, slowly but surely

Measurement for July 22
July 23

Barefooting just got a new name.

'Earthing' is a new fad, or is it?
July 22

Basil goes from bust to boom

Wait, that's not a weed. Let's hear it for volunteer basil.
July 21

A grassland bird: the Northern Harrier

Hunting into the wind to aid stalling and hovering
July 17

Add a taste of the tropics to your patio

All you need is an angel’s trumpet inside a big planter to recreate a Floridian scape.
July 16

Tree Frog hunting at a window

Birds are sleeping, but not frogs
Beautiful Gardens
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 14 hours 21 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
July 16

Yippee! My hydrangea bloomed!

Problems with colored hydrangeas blooming.
July 15

Test-driving a flower ID app

New plant ID app is a work in progress, but a fun toy in the meantime.
July 14

Go set a sprinkler

It's July. It's hot. Haul out the hoses.
July 12

Cowbirds are birds that adapt very well

Buffalo, no. Horses, yes
July 9

Baby Barn Swallows are birds with an attitude

Huge mouth gives parent birds a fine target
July 8

Not all garden plants are fussy

Some plants can survive complete neglect.
July 6

An increase in earth temperature will chase birds north

Our periodic report on CO2 in the atmosphere
July 4

Book reviews: Laura Erickson excellent on nests

All about the mysteries of bird nesting, plus two other books
July 2

Duck stamp -- read this one first

It's a simple memory issue
July 2

Want to talk gardening?

No work is getting done anyway, let's talk.
July 1

Extra duck-stamp cost is for wetlands and grasslands

The stamp is always a good conservation investment
July 1

Ways to stop slugs in their slimy tracks

Whether your slugs are Spanish "killers" or garden variety, here are tips to combat them.