Ground sunflower seed has energy benefits for small birds

Chickadees no longer need to leave the feeder to eat the seed

Eight 500-year rain events in 15 months

August 16
It's not even good weather for ducks

I was not misquoted. I was insufficiently quoted

August 12
About birds and window glass
August 10

Free bird identification app from Cornell

Find it at the app store
August 6

A game like Pokemon Go with birds instead of cartoon characters

Why not? The game is based on habitat and time of day
August 5

Once a nuthatch, always a nuthatch

Different table, same feeding method
August 4

Clues to aging birds at the feeders

Birds in their first summer
July 28

This Golden-winged Warbler among early fall migrants

Very nice photo taken by Will Stenberg of Duluth
July 28

Birder discovers a new whale species

He also got some good birds for his big year list
July 22

A story of trust between a man and a Killdeer

Our relationship with birds can be as personal as we wish
July 19

Birds of North America series available on-line

A wonderful resource for a modest annual price
Beautiful Gardens
Special Project Beautiful Gardens
updated 5 hours 9 mins. ago
There are some spectacular private gardens around the Twin Cities. We discover several each year in our Beautiful Gardens contest. From October to April, we'll bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.
July 13

Movie: The Million Dollar Duck

Release in all formats on Aug. 9
July 13

Harriers photographed carrying prey to their nest

The male caught the prey, then passed it to the female
July 9

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere stubbornly over 400 ppm

Scientists say over 350 ppm can mean dangerous climate change
July 7

Look up -- there are birds to be seen

Interesting birds fly over your house every day
July 4

Bird concussions -- same protocol as humans

Keep the bird in dark, quiet place until it recovers. Better, mark your windows so birds are more likely to avoid them.
July 1

Atmospheric carbon dioxide comparison for May 2014, 2015, 2016

More information at CO2 is key component in warming of Earth
June 29

Minnesota's Carrol Henderson has received a high national honor

He leads the DNR non-game wildlife program so important to birds
June 27

The 2016-17 duck stamp is now available

DU in Minnesota -- $3,252,995 raised in 2015
June 26

This is yard-bird envy

A Turkey Vulture! Eating a dead raccoon
June 23

Photo of an Eastern Bluebird embryo

My guess is that the embryo was 6-7 days old when incubation stopped
June 21

The cryptic coloration of female ducks

This Blue-winged Teal is a good example
June 18

Sports Authority punts on bird study release

How difficult can this be?