Considered by some to be a bedroom community, this fifth-largest Minnesota city has more jobs per capita than either Minneapolis or St. Paul. It's home to Mall of America.

West Metro
November 22

Bloomington ordinance looks to set standards for firearm sales

Mayor says the ordinance addresses land use, not gun control.
West Metro
November 7

Hennepin County shifts child protection mission with new model

As child abuse cases rise, Hennepin County Board is considering plan to prevent it.
West Metro
November 7

Bloomington's South Loop turns to art to help paint a different picture of itself

The hope is that artistic vision will help define the identity of a district that has grappled with that challenge for years.
West Metro
October 23

Bloomington hopes for a clean transition into organized trash collection

City hopes for clean transition amid lawsuit.
West Metro
October 17

Hennepin County's teen birthrates continue to decrease

Birthrate for Hennepin County teens falling faster than state's.
West Metro
October 14

Old Cedar Avenue Bridge reopens after 14 years

The almost century-old bridge is open for the first time since 2002, to the delight of bikers and birders.
West Metro
October 10

Hot presidential race spurs record voter registration in Henn. Cty.

More than 740,000 Hennepin County voters have preregistered, breaking 2008's mark of 720,000 preregistered voters.
West Metro
September 20

Taxpayers in Hennepin, Ramsey counties can brace for a rate hike next year

Leaders in the state's most populous counties get their first look at 2017 budgets.
West Metro
August 23

Obituary: Supercentenarian Marion Hunter danced through life

Before Marion Hunter died earlier this month — not long before what would have been her 111th birthday — she attributed her longevity to a…
August 12

A Bloomington nurse draws upon her own struggle with blindness to help others cope with trauma

A nurse who embraced her blindness now counsels others in trauma to heal by acknowledging their anger.
West Metro
August 11
Hennepin County Commissioner Randy Johnson in 1984, five years after h...

Some big shoes to fill on Hennepin County Board as Randy Johnson retires

After a 38-year run, the commissioner is stepping down.
July 15

Seven Minnesota firms make IndustryWeek's 50 Best Manufacturers List

Seven Minnesota manufacturers make the cut on IndustryWeek's 50 Best U.S. Manufacturers list.
West Metro
June 29

Tempers flare in Bloomington as City Council rejects another effort to kill organized garbage collection

Tempers flared as a new effort to kill unified pickup was rejected.
West Metro
May 31

IRS proposing strict new limits on tax-free municipal bonds

Affordable housing in Albertville, a community gym in Edina, a fire station in Pelican Rapids: Local governments say the rules mean such projects would be much tougher to pay for.
West Metro
May 24

Bloomington City Council member resigns ahead of move to Chicago

Cynthia Bemis Abrams, a member of the Bloomington City Council since 2014, announced Tuesday that she will resign her seat effective June 4. She is…
West Metro
April 26

Judge throws out Bloomington trash lawsuit but suggests it could be recycled

Opponents say they'll be back with a new challenge; judge suggests city charter can be used for changes.
West Metro
April 25

From potatoes to computers, Normandale has all the chips covered

Computer firms are begging for program graduates.
April 9

Twin Cities advocate puts head and heart into helping battered women

A longtime Twin Cities domestic abuse counselor suggests we instead ask, "Why does he hit her?"
April 9

Have you been abused by a partner? Call 1-866-223-1111

If you need helpCall 1-866-223-1111.This Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline will connect you with an advocate who can help you find a shelter or services…
West Metro
April 2
A first-time homebuyer walked down the stairs of Bloomington townhome in 2011.

Bloomington has 'lost its former luster,' city report warns officials

The once-youthful, booming suburb is grappling with aging neighborhoods, underperforming schools and a lack of appeal to younger residents.
March 4

What's new and cool in the cycling world? Look to Bloomington

Bike industry convention called Frostbike is window into what is changing, new – and potentially cool.
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February 29
The city of Savage wants a new Minnesota River crossing on the site of...

Dan Patch bridge over Minnesota River will be swinging again this spring

Expected boost in Minnesota river traffic coming as a result of expanding Panama Canal.
West Metro
February 24

Obituary: Henry Fisher was a top Bloomington hotelier with an interest in big bands

In Henry Fisher’s mind, what better way to promote his new Registry Hotel on the famed Bloomington Interstate 494 strip than send snow to Texas?…
West Metro
February 12

Fight over trash collection moves to the Legislature

The Legislature won’t be in session for nearly a month, but already a couple of members are talking trash. One legislator wants a five-year ban…
West Metro
February 11

Aug. 5, 2015: After years under par, Bloomington could close struggling Hyland Greens

Over the next few months, a task force will consider options for the future of Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center, a par-3 course that opened in 1963. Although no final decision will be made until spring, the numbers don't look good for golf.