Here's some of  what you could find in the New York media in the interlude between Games 2 and 3 of the American League Divisional Series. In other words, we read the tabloids (and the New York Times) so you don't have to.

The New York Post loves some Aaron Judge.

And the Post notes that history isn't the only Twins problem vs. the Yankees.

And here's more on the "shame of the Twins," this time from Newsday.

 As both teams are up by two games, the New York Times is already fast-forwarding to a Yankees-Astros series in the ALCS.

On a lighter note, the parrot is to the Yankees what the Rally Squirrel is to the Twins.

Luis Severino, tonight's Game 3 starter for the Yankees, has had mixed results in the postseason. Here's the New York Daily News on Severino:

And, finally, the New York Post tweaked Twins president Dave St. Peter for talking about "slaying the dragon" before the start of the series.

Now you're all caught up.