It all began on Thursday innocuously as an ordinary snowstorm over the Plains, only to explode over the Middle Atlantic into the record-breaking, immobilizing Blizzard of 2010 by daybreak on Saturday.

Modest snow tracking eastward along the Midwestern I-70 corridor yielded on Friday to heavy, wet snowfall across Indiana and Ohio. By Saturday morning, a strip of snow measuring 10 to 15 inches blanketed east-central through central Ohio.

But the storm really stepped up from noteworthy to notorious as it hopped the Appalachians to the mid-Atlantic coast. Here, the core of the storm's prodigious snow swath exploded such that amounts of 20, 25, and in few instances even 30, inches piled up from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Southern Pennsylvania, northeastern West Virginia, northern Virginia, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware, as well as much of Maryland, all registered snowfalls of 20 to locally 30 inches.

In the wake of this mighty winter storm, seasonal snowfall has already climbed well up the ranks of great historic winters in cities and towns from Philadelphia to Richmond, Virginia. And there are weeks of winter still to come! Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.