Q: Will the series "Evil" be back this season?

A: CBS has ordered another run of the thriller series but has not yet announced a return date.

Where's 'Sea Patrol'?

Q: What happened to "Sea Patrol" on Amazon? I was thoroughly engrossed in it when suddenly it disappeared. Is there anywhere I would be able to see the ending?

A: The Australian Navy action series, which originally aired from 2007 to 2011, is indeed not available on Amazon now. I do not know why but suspect a change in the telecast rights — an issue that has found all sorts of shows shifting from one service to another. As for finding it somewhere else, all five seasons of "Sea Patrol" are available on FilmRise, a free streaming service. There is also a Sea Patrol Channel on YouTube that has the episodes. But the series finale on that channel had non-English subtitles which may prove distracting.

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