Recipe sauces

Following Progresso's Recipe Starters and Campbell's Skillet Sauces, Kraft introduces a set of Recipe Makers, including Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita, New England Pot Roast and seven more. Mr. Tidbit would call these "sauce-for" products (just add chicken and this and that, and the sauce produces the named dinner dish).

Not all "sauce-for" products are alike. While the aseptic packs of Campbell's Skillet Sauces call for adding nothing more than browned meat (although you probably want to serve the finished dish with rice or something), the can of Progresso's Recipe Starters for Beef Stroganoff, for example, calls for beef and chopped onions — and Worcestershire sauce, measured amounts of salt and pepper, and sour cream, which he would have expected to be in the sauce already.

The Kraft Recipe Makers belong to that latter variety of "sauces-for." Although each contains two pouches — a simmer sauce and a baking or finishing sauce — the box of Recipe Makers Tex-Mex Fajita Skillet says, in type small enough that Mr. Tidbit didn't see it right away, "just add chicken, rice, vegetables and cheese." (That's two vegetables: green peppers and red onions.)

At one store, the 9-ounce Campbell's sauces were $2.29, the 18-ounce Progresso sauces were $2.29 and the Kraft sauces (from 12.2 to 18 ounces) were $3.29.

Frozen Yoplait

Yoplait might have come late to the Greek-yogurt party, but with its new move into the yogurt freezer case, it has both regular and Greek versions. Yoplait has seven flavors of regular frozen yogurt and seven of Greek frozen yogurt (not the same seven flavors) — and there are four flavors of Yoplait frozen yogurt bars.

Gotcha Greek

Mr. Tidbit was going to joke that at least we haven't seen Greek GoGurt, but then he saw Chobani Champions. Yes, Champions are Greek yogurt in tubes, for food fights among children who disdain squirting ordinary, non-strained yogurt. The four flavors all feature that hyperactive nomenclature (Rockin' Blueberry, Chillin' Cherry) that manufacturers for some reason give to children's products.

Why aren't there some senior-citizen flavor names that reflect the less frenetic lifestyle that Mr. Tidbit, for one, enjoys? He suggests Reclining Raspberry and Pooped-Out Peach.)

Al Sicherman