Polygamous Montana trio applies for wedding license

A Montana man said Wednesday that he was inspired by last week's U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to apply for a marriage license so that he can legally wed his second wife.

In Wisconsin, Sanders hopes to find like-minded liberals

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is hoping to tap the long history of liberalism and progressive politics in Wisconsin as he pushes his campaign into Republican Gov. Scott Walker's backyard.

Dempsey: No shortcuts in Syria rebel vetting

The U.S. hopes to boost a faltering program for training moderate Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State, but it will not compromise on the standards it has used to weed out problematic volunteers, Pentagon leaders said Wednesday.
30 minutes ago

Embassy reopening could help efforts to end Cuban trade embargo

Cargill, Klobuchar are among Minnesota business and political interests that hope to open Cuba to state exports.
30 minutes ago

Picture this: Selfies are now welcome during White House tours

WASHINGTON – Having arrived at the White House with only a few years of Washington experience, President Obama and Michelle Obama, the first lady,…
June 30

Gov. Chris Christie on the issues

On the issues   Foreign policy: Christie said in April that U.S. combat troops might be needed to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and…
June 30

With presidential announcement, Gov. Chris Christie seeks political rebirth

LIVINGSTON, N.J. – Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, whose dazzling rise as a national Republican in his first term was matched only by…
June 30

Court says NSA can resume bulk data collection of phone records

ACLU will ask an appeals court to block the move.
June 29

Presidential hopefuls on last-minute money drive ahead of Tuesday fundraising deadline

Sen. Rand Paul’s quest for cash is taking him to cannabis expo in Denver.
June 29

Ohio Gov. John Kasich to announce presidential bid July 21

Kasich to launch campaign July 21Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to announce his presidential campaign July 21, entering a packed race for the 2016 Republican…
June 29

Justices won't hear Google appeal in dispute with Oracle

The Supreme Court is staying out of a long-running legal battle between technology giants Oracle and Google over copyright protection for a computer program that powers most of the world's smartphones and computer tablets.
June 29

Justices won't hear appeal from BP, Anadarko over Gulf spill

The Supreme Court won't hear appeals from BP and Anadarko Petroleum Corp. over Clean Water Act fines for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
June 29

Obama to travel to La Crosse, Wis. this week for economic event

President Barack Obama is coming to Wisconsin this week.
June 28

Despite Supreme Court's ruling, Mississippi won't allow same-sex weddings

The state has a deeply religious and conservative history.
June 27

Next, gay rights leaders will fight bias in employment, housing

Exhilarated by the Supreme Court’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, gay rights leaders have turned their sights to what they see as the next big battle:…
June 27

Alexander Hamilton's fans don't want him evicted from $10 bill

Fans are trying to prevent his spot on the $10 bill from being usurped.
June 26

Analysis: Opponents will keep fighting, but history is hard to reverse

WASHINGTON – Gay marriage is now a seamless part of the American fabric.The Supreme Court ruling Friday was an affirmation that public sentiment has…
June 26

Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion drips with contempt

WASHINGTON – The legal world may have become inured to wildly rhetorical opinions by Justice Antonin Scalia, but his dissent in the Supreme Court’s…
June 25

Consumers express relief over health care law decision

Many consumers express relief over the ruling.
June 25

Supreme Court ruling on health care subsidies tees up MNsure debate

The decision to allow subsidies to continue removes a cloud of uncertainty for the industry.
June 24

Previously secret drone strike documents describe target selection

WASHINGTON – Early in 2012, worried that suicide bombers might pass through airline security undetected, U.S. counterterrorism officials ordered a drone strike in Yemen…
June 23

Obama on verge of victory on trade negotiating authority

Expanded negotiating power headed for Senate approval on Wednesday.
June 23

Obama's trade agenda survives key Senate procedural vote

President Barack Obama's trade agenda has survived a crucial Senate vote and seems well-positioned to become law.
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