Hawaii aims to reduce immigration lines at Honolulu airport

The state of Hawaii plans to install machines to reduce the time travelers have to wait in immigration lines when they arrive at Honolulu International Airport.

US offers $10 million in grants for railroad crossing fixes

U.S. transportation officials on Wednesday offered $10 million in grants for states to upgrade highway-rail crossings and tracks in response to a recent surge in flammable fuel shipments.

North America's tallest mountain gets new name _ and height

North America's tallest mountain doesn't just have a new name. It also has a new elevation.
September 1

Rules change to vault Carly Fiorina in the top tier for Sept. 16 debate

Shift in CNN’s criteria vaults party’s sole woman into the Sept. 16 faceoff.
September 1

President Obama, in Alaska, seeks more U.S. clout

In Alaska, the president said that he wants new icebreakers for the contested region.
August 31

Biggest batch of Clinton e-mails released; some have redactions

About 150 messages are censored because they are now labeled classified.
August 31

Walker says wall along Canadian border worth reviewing

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is putting a new twist on the topic of securing the border, a staple among the GOP candidates running for president, by pointing north.
August 30

Shift in allegiance has Iowa pols trying to guard their clean political image

DES MOINES – Is Iowa for sale?That is the perception sending shudders through the state’s Republicans, after the leader of Rick Perry’s Iowa campaign…
August 29

U.S. trails Russia in scramble for Arctic's economic, geopolitical assets

A new rivalry over the region’s geopolitical, economic importance.
August 28

Wariness greets George W. Bush's return to New Orleans

Low-key visit recalled the hurricane response that damaged his presidency.
August 24

Timing key as Biden enters make-or-break September

Back in Washington, the vice president is looking at a presidential run.
August 23

Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid endorses Iran nuclear deal

Minority leader says it is “best way” to stop Tehran’s military ambitions.
August 18

EPA issues methane rules meant to ensure that oil, gas companies reduce waste

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed the first-ever federal regulations requiring the nation’s oil and gas industry to cut emissions of methane,…
August 18

Well wishes pour in for Jimmy Carter from his well-worn path around the world

ATLANTA – Dr. Helene Gayle was with former President Jimmy Carter in Nigeria several years ago when he met with sex workers to talk…
August 17

Wisconsin Gov. Walker takes on protesters as he tries to regain standing at Iowa State Fair

He said stance is similar to Trump’s on immigration.
August 16

Sen. Rand Paul takes break from campaign to perform eye surgeries in Haiti

Senator is using summer recess to help out in Haiti.
August 14

Candidates find the Iowa State Fair irresistible

Candidates ditch ties, don their jeans and say yes to all the fine cuisine options.
August 13

Monthly average of US jobless claims falls to 15-year low

More people sought U.S. unemployment aid last week, but the average for the past month fell to the lowest level in 15 years, a sign that few employers are cutting jobs.
August 12

Former President Jimmy Carter says he has cancer

Recent surgery found that the disease had spread.
August 12

NSA used phone records to pursue Iranian operatives

Document also shows NSA data collection involved AT&T, Sprint.
August 12

Why it would be a mistake to underestimate Donald Trump

Analysis: There is a viable path to victory.
August 12

Health care law hasn't dented hiring or hours, as critics predicted

Studies found no drop in hiring or hours scheduled.
August 11

Democrats demote Jefferson and Jackson, slave-owning presidents

Traditional dinners in some states no longer bear the slave owners’ names.
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