FILE - This Feb. 16, 2017 file photo shows newborn babies in the nursery of a postpartum recovery center in upstate New York. According to a governmen

How popular is your name in Minnesota?

Babies named Thea and Rhett are trending up in Minnesota, but how popular have they been over the last century?
Yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background.
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Fatal police encounters since 2000

April 18
The Star Tribune collected the names and stories of everyone who died after a physical confrontation with law enforcement in Minnesota since January 2000, and continues to update this database as new incidents occur.
Rambo Islas, 8 months, is held by his mother Maria Islas, as he gets a shot for a vaccine administered by RN, Nicole Ives at the Dallas County Health
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Look up vaccination rates at more than 2,900 Minnesota schools and day cares

March 25
Hundreds of Minnesota schools and child care centers face an increased risk of measles outbreaks because not enough of their students have been vaccinated.
Michael Mueller snow blows the sidewalk near his house Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, in Rochester after heavy snow overnight. Joe Ahlquist / jahlquist@postbu
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Not many places in U.S. got more snow than the Twin Cities did in February

March 5
Yes, Minnesotans, February was as snowy as you thought. In fact, when it comes to snowfall last month, we had more in common with Jackson, Wyo. than we did with our typical winter brethren in Chicago and Milwaukee.
A deeper look at Minneapolis crime rates
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A deeper look at Minneapolis crime rates

September 19, 2018
Data show an overall decrease in Minneapolis crime, but also reveal recent upticks in rates for various violent crimes.
2017's most popular baby names: How popular is yours?
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2017's most popular baby names: How popular is yours?

May 28, 2018
Whether you favor perennial favorites or trendier names, see how popular they've been in 2017 -- and in all the years going back to 1910.
May 22, 2011: Aerial photo of tornado damage in north Minneapolis.
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Minnesota on track for a record number of tornadoes this decade

May 22, 2018
More than 400 tornadoes have been recorded since 2010, including one that hit north Minneapolis seven years ago this week.
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Minnesota youth could affect key November elections — if they turn out

July 30, 2018
Minnesota ranks high on a 2018 ranking of states where young voters' participation could have the greatest significance, despite traditionally low youth turnout.
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Google tracked a year of my life in downtown Minneapolis

March 29, 2018
It was an eye-opening experience examining the mass of data Google had collected.