How popular is your name in Minnesota?

Each year, the Social Security Administration releases data showing the popularity of first names throughout the country, state-by-state. And each year, the Star Tribune analyzes that data to determine which names are most popular in Minnesota, both currently and over time.

Enter a name into the search box to reveal how it's trended in Minnesota from the early 20th century to now.


Popularity of the name in Minnesota

Rate per 10,000 births by year
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Top Minnesota names

The most popular boys and girls names in 2019.
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Trending Minnesota names

Names with the largest rate change between 2014 and 2019.
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Result reflects the last year when the name's rate reached above zero.
Based on Social Security card applications and, as a result, may be an incomplete count.
Data includes years when five babies received a certain name, so no births on the chart could mean between 0 and 4.