Tawnya Heino tried to connect to the internet for a Zoom call with her son's teacher at the end of their driveway in Chisholm, MN on Monday morning. T

Minnesota parents tell us what they really think of online learning

We asked parents to fill out a survey about how K-12 online learning is going as a result of the pandemic. Comments ranged from intense enthusiasm and gratitude for what teachers have done to immense frustration.
360 deaths or 22,000? Why Minnesota's COVID-19 models are so different
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360 deaths or 22,000? Why Minnesota's COVID-19 models are so different

April 25
How can scientists looking at the same data come up with such different estimates? And who's right?
An emergency medical worker arrives at Cobble Hill Health Center, Friday, April 17, 2020, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. The despair wrought on

In Minnesota and across the U.S., virus death toll keeps climbing

April 21
As of Monday, 143 Minnesotans had died from COVID-19, with more than half of those fatalities occurring since April 14. The virus has now claimed more lives in the U.S. than anywhere in the world.
In a frame grab from video, a lab technician dips a sample into the Abbott Laboratories ID Now testing machine at the Detroit Health Center, Friday, A
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COVID-19 testing in Minnesota: How we compare with U.S.

April 13
Labs across the U.S. have processed more than 2.8 million tests for coronavirus. Minnesota has one of the lowest positive test rates in the country.
Minnesota welcomes you sign at the state border
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How and where Minnesota's population grew in the last decade

April 2
New population estimates data from the U.S. Census Bureau shed light on what's driving the state's population growth, and where it's occurring.
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How Amy Klobuchar's surge in New Hampshire might've helped Bernie, too

February 13
Some have wondered whether Klobuchar peeled votes away from Buttigieg and benefited Sanders, whose win was slimmer than in 2016.
State + Local

A precinct-by-precinct look at Klobuchar's Iowa caucus performance

February 10
After months of campaigning and visiting all 99 Iowa counties, Klobuchar was mostly washed out except for some suburban and sparsely-populated areas.
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Minnesota's veteran suicides continue taking a steady toll

November 11, 2019
Recent state death records show a downturn in Minnesota veteran suicide rate – though 100 or more former service members still die by suicide annually throughout the state.
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We hit 2 million at State Fair again. Here's what made the difference this year.

September 6, 2019
Should we get used to 2 million? Or was the 2019 Great Minnesota Get-Together a particularly good year? Three observations show how we got there this time.