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James Lileks writes a metro column and is an anchor/producer for NewsBreak, the webcast on startribune.com. He also blogs under The Blog O'Things.

Recent content from James Lileks

Lileks: West End Market needs a Corn Dog Fountain

Anyone really miss Heritage Village? The old-timey attraction that looked like they bought it from a Brazilian slum that went...

Updated: August 23, 2014, - 03:41 PM

Is West End Market a good addition?

A new Fair entrance and shopping plaza have replaced Heritage Square. Was it a good swap?

Updated: August 22, 2014, - 03:48 PM

Lileks: The Minnesota State Fair, a century from now

When you look at pictures of the Minnesota State Fair 100 years ago, one thing stands out: Everyone’s wearing about...

Updated: August 22, 2014, - 12:10 AM

Paul Bunyan Land co-owner refused to let legends be pulled apart

Many middle-aged Minnesotans remember the first time the 1,000-foot-tall robot turned his head and spoke. Your parents had taken you...

Updated: August 16, 2014, - 04:38 PM

Lileks: Time for America to fall out of love with Minnesota

Outside magazine named Duluth the best city in the country. Minneapolis was #3. This has to stop. Now.It’s nice that...

Updated: August 16, 2014, - 04:35 PM

Lileks: Who needs a World's Fair when we have our Get-Together?

A recent news story about Secretary of State Mark Ritchie noted he’d be leaving office soon to work for an...

Updated: August 15, 2014, - 12:14 AM

My Minnesota: Ren Holland Dun-Gud collecting Minnesota resort names

Hard water, rusty taps, musty rooms: heaven on earth, if you were coming from the steamy city. People without cabins...

Updated: August 09, 2014, - 04:04 PM

Lileks: The smallest possible Target on Earth

Target Express will open its second branch in St. Paul soon, so people who find normal Targets too horrifyingly overwhelming...

Updated: August 09, 2014, - 03:59 PM

Lileks: Our DMV: It works, darn it

Now ser­ving G 294, said the nice ro­bot lady. I was G 208. Had I fall­en asleep and slept through...

Updated: August 07, 2014, - 11:59 PM

Lileks: The U is great again. But why?

Forbes has declared the University of Minnesota one of the Most Improved Colleges in the country, which should spark some...

Updated: August 02, 2014, - 05:08 PM

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