Summery heat and humidity will spread over much of the central and eastern United States during the weekend.

One, if not both, days will bring high temperatures above the 90-degree mark to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. At the hottest time of day, it will feel more like 95 F to 100 F. A thunderstorm may interrupt the heat in these areas as a weakening cold front approaches from the northwest.

In the East, temperatures will reach or exceed the water from Washington, D.C., to New York and Boston.

For Kansas City, St. Louis and Cincinnati, temperatures during the weekend will reach the mid-90s daily with humidity high enough to make it seem like 100 F.

The scene will be much the same from Atlanta to Houston and elsewhere across the South.

Needless to say, hot weather precautions will be advised. Light, loose-fitting clothes help, as does limiting outside exposure between late morning and mid afternoon. Also, the body functions better under the stress of heat and humidity when well-watered.

While yard work or a jog in the park will seem more of a chore, it will be a fine time to hit the beach.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.