A couple of notes on weather and birds and fish. The fish are pertinent because they share weather with birds. 


Fish first. There is a story in today’s STrib by outdoors writer Tony Kennedy about a decline in populations of walleyes in Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes at the same time as largemouth bass are increasing in numbers. One of those species like cold water, the other warm water. Guess which one likes warmer water.


Now, birds. Yesterday, Tuesday, cold, windy, snowy, our bird feeders on our deck were busy all day long. We had two dozen juncos, Fox and Song sparrows, cardinals and more of the usual winter species. Lots of birds. I scattered more thistle seed early today, anticipating another banner day. So far, bird count is about 90 percent off. The only difference is today’s bright sun.


Also interesting yesterday was watching juncos and the Fox Sparrow eating meal worms. That was unexpected. Cornell Labs, discussing diets, says both species are primarily seed eaters. They will eat insects during breeding and nesting season. My mind was not spring-focused yesterday.