Team vs. team interaction

“Heroes of the Storm” (Blizzard, PC, Mac) puts you on a five-person team with the end goal of destroying the opposing team’s base, complete with lanes of auto-spawning fodder that march toward the enemy base with unwavering devotion. The highlights of each match are the team vs. team interactions, with big ability combos, exciting chases and daring raids into enemy territory. While “Heroes of the Storm” may appear similar to other genre offerings, significant differences make it more fun and easier to delve into. It is not as mechanically demanding as other multiplayer online battle arena games, and this works for it in a big way, especially for new players. There are no items to memorize or purchase during the game, and no last-hitting lane minions. As with many games in the genre, this one is best experienced with friends.

DANIEL TACK, Game Informer