A show calling itself "Minnesota Nice" is triggering some not-so-nice feedback.

Producers for an upcoming series posted a casting call Monday on Facebook for a position co-hosting a program centered around "luxury product placement." The notice requested a Caucasian female that's 5'8" or taller and has no visible tattoos. The word "Caucasian" was dropped from the posting after several people responded with concerns.The post was pulled all together in the afternoon.

Michael Thomas Cox, who will direct the series, said producers decided the issue was "getting out of hand." According to Cox, about 15 people showed up for the Monday evening auditions. None appeared to be people of color, Cox said.

The initial posting claims the show will air on Fox 9. A spokesperson for the station said that the series is in no way associated with the news department. On Tuesday, A Fox spokesperson said "’Minnesota Nice’ is not a Fox 9 production and will not be not airing on KMSP or WFTC.

 Stations routinely sell time to outside entities for what's commonly referred to as "infomercials." No word as of Tuesday as to where -- or if -- the show will still air.

Cox defended the initial posting.

"I've worked in the industry for five years and that’s how casting works," Cox said Tuesday morning in a phone interview. "I don’t know if a lot of of people keep track of auditions in in LA and Chicago,but that’s just the way it is. You put exactly what you’re loking for so you're not wasting anyone's time."

Cox added that he is not one of the show's producers and that he was just following instructions from his bosses.

"They just told us what they were looking for," said Cox, who moved to the Twin Cities recently. "I didn't think twice about it."

Cox believes producers were looking for a rather tall woman so she would match well with the already chosen male host, who is over 6'2". He wasn't able to provide any insight into why the initial search was limited to Caucasians.He hopes to begin shooting in a couple weeks.

Below is the copy of the initial posting that has since been removed by producers: