The long con

I never saw the 2000 feature film "Snatch" (word of Brad Pitt's incomprehensible Irish accent scared me off), but I'll be putting it on my watch list after checking out the TV version, which features a whole new rogues gallery of hustlers and villains. Guy Ritchie, who created the movie, has nothing to do with the series, but showrunner Alex De Rakoff has generously adapted the director's kinky visual style and black humor. The dialogue is sometimes hard to follow, even without Pitt to muddle it up, but visually it's a blast.

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Wishing upon a star

There was a time that the only eatery that TV audiences cared about was Mel's Diner. How the menu has changed. "Hustle & Soul," the latest offering, follows the head chef of New York's Pink Tea Cup restaurant as he attempts to earn a coveted Michelin star. Hijinks behind the scenes — naturally — ensue.

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Critic's choice

"Review," the mockumentary series in which a critic takes viewers' requests a little too seriously, returns for a third and final season after an absence of 17 months. I can't say I missed it all that much, but the show has its fair share of fans who are eager to see what their hapless hero (Andy Daly) does next.

9 p.m., Comedy Central

Neal Justin