Chamber of secrets

Not everything J.K. Rowling writes becomes a megahit, but at least “C.B. Strike” is getting a screen version. The crime novels, which the Harry Potter creator penned under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, feature a war veteran who solves whodunits in London without the help of magic.

9 p.m. Friday, Cinemax

Hunger pains

“Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack,” which kicks off its second season, is a collection of mediocre skits that might benefit from more appearances by the “Saturday Night Live” vet who is name-dropped in the title. It’s like having Tom Brady on your team, but only trotting him out for the coin toss.

Strike a pose

Ryan Murphy’s new series “Pose,” in which drag queens strut for respect in New York’s underground club scene, looks and feels like a long-lost Madonna video too racy for 1980s MTV. It doesn’t win props for originality — the premiere’s dance audition is straight out of “Flashdance” — but the “vogue off” between two rival clubs will get you into the groove.

8 p.m. Sunday, FX

Keeping it in the family

No blood is drawn in the first couple of episodes of “Succession,” a new series about the fight for daddy’s media empire, but the Roys may be HBO’s most dysfunctional — and despicable — family to date. The cast, led by the always formidable Brian Cox, is terrific, but I’d rather break bread with the Sopranos.

9 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Neal Justin