The danger zone

Journalist David Farrier risks radiation poisoning — and eating bad sushi — in the first, Japanese-set episode of “The Dark Tourist,” a compelling new docuseries aimed at those who like their vacations with an element of risk. Farrier is a plucky host, but he’s not afraid to tell viewers when he senses he’s made a terrible error in judgment.

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Down in the dumps

“Greenleaf” star LeToya Luckett plays a doctor who discovers her long-lost sisters are serial killers in “Down for Whatever,” a title that could just as easily describe the writers’ approach to this cliché-ridden thriller. When you learn that a detective who works with her husband is just six months away from retirement, you know he’s doomed. So is anyone who sticks around for the closing credits.

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Swimming with sharks

Ocean killers aren’t the only superstars participating in “Shark Week.” The 30th anniversary of this sick delight has roped in Bear Grylls (“Bear vs. Shark,” 7 p.m. Sunday), Shaquille O’Neal (“Shaq Does Shark Week,” 8 p.m. Sunday) and Ronda Rousey (“Ronda Rousey Uncaged,” 9 p.m. Sunday) among others.

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