Eyes wide open

Noah Hawley, who channeled the Coen brothers in creating TV’s “Fargo,” turns to another film director for inspiration in “Legion.” The series, starring Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”) and Minnesotan Rachel Keller, may be based on Marvel’s X-Men comics, but its look and tone seem to be lifted largely from the Stanley Kubrick playbook, right down to our hero’s stint in the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. Read our story about Keller at startribune.com/tv.

9 p.m., FX

All the fashion

“So Cosmo” takes viewers behind the scenes of Cosmopolitan magazine, which, I assume, is a lot more stimulating than a peek behind the curtain at the Economist. Find out how far young staffers will go to please Joanna Coles, who was the magazine’s editor-in-chief and is now Hearst Magazines’ chief content officer.

7 p.m., E!

Still walking the beat

If Mariska Hargitay is losing interest in “Law & Order: SVU,” it hasn’t been apparent so far this season. In this new episode, she taps into her parental instincts when a young boy is accused of murdering her mother’s lover. Keeping a star on board after 18 years must be a struggle, but scripts like this help explain why she’s stuck around.

8 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin