In sync

I really wish "Lance Loves Michael" was a special revealing Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan's passionate affair. Instead, it's about Lance Bass and Michael Turchin with footage from their wedding. You'll have to stay tuned to the very end to see if Michael loves Lance back. 7 p.m. E!

Merry men

Who needs millions in special effects to create a swashbuckling film? "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938) remains one of cinema's most engaging action flicks with authentic swordplay, great villains and a perfect performance from Errol Flynn, who never loses the twinkle in his eyes. 7 p.m. TCM

It's a story …

The actor who gave us Greg Brady tries to resurrect his career in "A Very Barry Branson," which chronicles the launch of a stage show in the popular Missouri tourist town. Seems residents are initially resistive of Barry Williams. Wait until he knocks 'em down with the "Brady Bunch" classic "Sunshine Day"! 8 p.m. GAC

Neal Justin