The big blue

“The Tick” returns for six more colorful, chaotic episodes of the big-hearted crime fighter searching for justice and a sense of family. But the title character, played by Peter Serafinowicz, has slowly faded as the series’ most fascinating character. The vengeful Overkill (Scott Speiser) and plucky love interest Dot (Valorie Curry) have superhuman chemistry, while Jackie Earle Haley continues to have a ball as the villain madly infatuated with himself.

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Karma chameleon

Anna Deavere Smith is an actress, not a journalist, but “Notes From the Field,” an adaptation of her latest one-woman stage show, earns her an honorary press pass. The veteran of “The West Wing” conducted hundreds of interviews in her exploration of youth incarceration, vividly bringing to life preachers, protesters and prisoners with just the slightest adjustments in attitude and affliction. Smith is a national treasure.

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Red scare

“America’s Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin” traces the Russian leader’s rise from humble beginnings with a vast array of talking heads eager to justify the two-hour documentary’s provocative title.

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King of queens

Regina King, who won two Emmys for her work on “American Crime,” continues to use her talent to examine the role of race in law enforcement. “Seven Seconds,” following the fallout after a white cop accidentally runs over a black cyclist, isn’t as powerful as her ABC series, but King is riveting as the grieving mother whose religious faith faces the ultimate test.

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Neal Justin