St. Paul and Minneapolis-based interactive arts organization, Northern Lights.mn and Uptown’s French bistro, Barbette, are teaming up to construct custom ice walls outside the restaurant. At sunset, these ice walls will become projection screens for a variety of light-based art, including Joshua McGarvey’s Ice Fall-Feel the Change, which allows audiences to feel glaciers calving as they lean back into sound beds (whoa!). Additionally, Art Shanty Projects will transform surfaces into creative community spaces that are part art gallery and part social experiment.

Info: 4:30-9 p.m., Jan. 29. Projections begin at 5:30 p.m. 1600 W. Lake St., Mpls. Free.


Surly Kraftskivan

The Swedish “Kraftskivan” party, traditionally held in summer, is getting the Great Northern treatment. Surly’s executive chef Jorge Guzman and his Brewer’s Table team join forces with Wyatt Evans of St. Paul’s Heirloom for a wintry outdoor Kraftskivan crayfish party at Surly’s brewery. They’ll serve smoked sturgeon and other Scandinavian delicacies. The event will also debut one of the nation’s first community-owned mobile saunas, courtesy of 612 Sauna Society. Yes, you can really sweat it out in this sauna on wheels!

Info: 6-9 p.m., Feb. 1. 520 Malcolm Av. SE., Mpls. Free entry, food and beverage available for purchase.

For a complete listing of Great Northern events, visit thegreatnorthernfestival.com.