Bites of what?

New from Honey Maid, Nabisco's graham cracker brand, are Go Bites, little crackery pillows with chocolate or vanilla filling.

Honey Maid already had branched out from simple graham crackers, in original, cinnamon and chocolate flavors — and a low-fat version — to an array of character-shaped crackers, to Grahamfuls (graham cracker sandwich cookies with S'mores or peanut butter and chocolate filling).

Although Mr. Tidbit would easily describe Go Bites as being pleasantly desserty (the box calls them "filled snacks"), if he hadn't known they were from Honey Maid he wouldn't have identified them as being in the graham cracker part of the snack galaxy: They don't have that slightly gritty texture. And on what he likes to call "closer examination" (looking at the box), he confirmed that analysis:

Like all the other Honey Maid offerings, Go Bites do contain some graham flour (whole grain wheat flour) and some honey, but Go Bites' first ingredient is defatted soy flour, and there's also whole grain brown rice flour, inulin (chicory root fiber) and oat fiber.

This explains why a serving of Go Bites has 5 grams of protein, while the other Honey Maid items have 2 grams (or 1 gram for the S'mores Grahamfuls) — and why a serving of Go Bites (all the products' servings are about an ounce) has 3 grams of fiber instead of the 1 or 2 grams in other Honey Maid products.

Surprise: A 7-ounce box of Go Bites typically sells for the same as the 14.4-ounce boxes of regular Honey Maid graham crackers.

100 percent what?

To its already somewhat bewildering array of juices, juice drinks and juice cocktails, Welch's has added Farmer's Pick, a line of 100-percent juices, with "nothing artificial," "natural fruit sugars only" (no added sugar), "no preservatives" and "color by nature," in four varieties: Concord grape, mixed berry, blackberry and mango.

Do you think that the "100-percent juice" mango offering, for example, is 100 percent mango juice? Oh, you poor sweetie! Has Mr. Tidbit taught you nothing? It is, in descending order, grape and pear juices from concentrate, mango purée from concentrate, orange and carrot juices from concentrate, natural flavor and citric acid "(for tartness)."

There, there. The grape juice is all grape juice. Al Sicherman