LOS ANGELES -- If Target is seeking new spokespeople for its commercials, it could do a lot worse than the cast of network TV's hottest show.

A NBC press conference Thursday touting the upcoming second season of "This Is Us" veered into banter about the Minneapolis-based company after a reporter asked the actors if they are still able to shop at Target without being mobbed.

"Everyday," said Emmy nominee Sterling K. Brown. "It’s my favorite hangout."

Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays his wife on the series, got slightly more serious.

"I think people don’t expect to see you in Target, so I get, like, 'What are you doing in Target?'" she said. "'Well, I've got to get my toiletries, too.'"

Cast member Chris Sullivan summed up the conversation detour nicely: "This panel was brought to you by Target."

In non-merchandising news: Creator Dan Fogelman promises those who want to know more about Jack's death will find the first episode contains "a big giant piece of the puzzle that will potentially set the Internet just abuzz." He also noted that Sylvester Stallone will play himself in an uncoming storyline. The series returns Sept. 26.