Road movie

Film critic Elvis Mitchell plays the part of learned mentor in "Elvis Goes There," a new series in which he chats with esteemed directors on the road. In the premiere, the journalist discovers how London inspires Paul Feig ("Bridesmaids"). In a future episode, our tour guide gets a chance to share peach cobbler with Daveed Diggs ("Blindspotting") and visit a boxing gym with Ryan Coogler ("Creed") in Oakland. In each adventure, Mitchell sneaks in an advanced tutorial on cinema.

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Paint by numbers

Writer/director Dan Gilroy teams up again with his "Nightcrawler" stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo for "Velvet Buzzsaw," which paints a picture of what would happen if "I Know What You Did Last Summer" were set in the art world. Toni Collette and John Malkovich are also in the frame.

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Black market

For "Black Memorabilia," a documentary about artifacts that reinforce the notion of white supremacy, filmmaker Chico Colvard uses three protagonists, including a Chinese manufacturer named Jian who muses on her role in bringing such items to the U.S. marketplace. But Jian is a made-up character and while Colvard admits to the fictional device upfront, it's disappointing that he didn't use her screen time to introduce more African-Americans sharing the pain they feel seeing Sambo and Uncle Tom up for sale.

10 p.m., TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin