Theophilus London

8:30 p.m. • Fine Line • 18-plus • $25-$40

Another buzzy, genre-bending artist?! Yes, and rightfully so. Kanye West-supported Theophilus London is a Trinidadian artist/rapper from New York who cites influences ranging from Michael Jackson and Prince to the Smiths. He’s employed the talents of a plethora of industry favorites — Dev Hynes, Solange Knowles, Sara Quin — across his handful of mixtapes and two LPs. The master collaborator called his latest album (executively produced by West) “Vibes,” reflecting the organic rapport shared among all involved in its creation. The connected 27-year-old hip-hopper brings trippy R&B artist Doja Cat and producer Father as openers. Alex Nelson


The Nile Project

7 p.m. • Northrop • $26-$42

The Nile Project is regional music with a wide swath, comprising performers from 11 countries along the 4,200-mile Nile River in Africa, which encompasses a wealth of Arabic and African tribal traditions. Sudan, Uganda and Egypt all have different variations on the ancient lyre, and the same can be said for other Nile countries and the spike fiddle. The Nile Project both highlights these different timbres and textures and folds them together with saxophone, oud, harp flute, thumb piano, bass guitar and complementary percussion. Britt Robson